A Democratic New Hampshire Representative has filed an LSR for the 2020 session with the title of “establishing a committee to study the repeal or amendment of the New Hampshire constitutional provision for the bearing of arms”. It seems that he has been emboldened by the anti-freedom progressive politicians on the national stage. Over the past few months, Democratic politicians from Congressmen to Senators have begun to publicly support the confiscation of firearms by politicians and their law enforcement officials. Despite living in one of the few states with no restrictions on firearms – and the safest state in the whole Divided States of America – this representative figured that he would amend the New Hampshire constitution to no longer recognize the natural right to property and the natural right to self-defense.

Article 2-a of the New Hampshire constitution reads:

[Art.] 2-a. [The Bearing of Arms.] All persons have the right to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves, their families, their property and the state.

December 1, 1982

Within a few months, this LSR will grow into a full bill and we will be able to see how many Democratic Representatives and Senators co-sponsor it. It would seem clear that the anti-freedom politician seeks to remove this part of the constitution. Of course, natural rights are natural and are therefore unaffected by which words appear on government-sponsored papers such as the constitution. The pro-slavery party could amend the state’s constitution to include a clause mandating that all males over 6 feet tall must work as slaves for politicians. That would not make slavery legal, and it would not make slavery moral. Much like this bill, it likely would not occur the way its author hopes it will. Should the study committee find that article 2-a should be repealed from the constitution and should such a constitutional amendment bill pass the New Hampshire legislature and be approved by two-thirds of the voters, things would not change. Those of us who own property – including firearms – will never give them to those who have proven since the dawn of time to be evil, corrupt, violent oppressors – even if they now refer to themselves as ‘politicians’.

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