Local Voluntaryist Publishes Academic Liberty Essays on Amazon!

In October 2022, Daniel Rothschild self-published a book comprised of his numerous academic essays relating to government, anarchism, capitalism, and liberty. Daniel is an SEO specialist who works primarily with businesses in the cannabis industry. He earned a Master’s Degree in Economics from San Jose State University.

2022 Elections Push Flexit Closer To Reality

This election proves the only two solutions are nullification and secession. Most voters in the united states voted to destroy our liberty slightly faster than the alternative option would have done. Voting has rarely worked. Mob rule doesn’t produce liberty when the vote determines who gets the handouts.

Federal Tyrants Give Florida One More Reason To Secede

In The united states, the powers to make laws reside with the State governments. The US Constitution grants a few specific powers to the federal government; the power to have a navy, a Supreme Court, the power to coin money, and a select few others. Article 1, Section 8 outlines the powers delegated to the federal government. No part of the Constitution gives the federal government the power to control education

The Impending Constitutional Crisis

I fear that next Tuesday’s elections could cause a true crisis for our union. And by ‘fear’, I mean that I sort of hope it occurs. I’ll explain my rationale throughout this article. 

Unusual Election In Senate District 16, Huge Liberty Opportunity

One of the most interesting races for the 24 seats in the NH Senate is playing out in District 16. Technically, neither of the two candidates that voters will see on the general election ballot ran in the primary. In fact, both seemingly had no intention of running for Senate until just a few weeks ago. The two candidates represent polar opposites; a liberty conservative versus a hardcore progressive socialist. The District includes Candia, Goffstown, Hooksett, Manchester Ward 1, and Raymond.