Why Both SCOTUS Bombshells Make Secession Even More Inevitable

On June 23rd, the Supreme Court ruled in NYSRPA v. Bruen that New York’s prohibition on carrying firearms and their restrictive permitting process was unconstitutional. The New York law stated that it was a felony for a person to carry a handgun without a license, and a person could only obtain a license if the government gang members (politicians) felt that the applicant could “demonstrate a special need for self-protection distinguishable from that of the general community.” 

NH Veterans Form PAC To Support Separation From The Union

Since legislation in support of New Hampshire independence was filed last fall, support for peaceful separation from DC has flourished. While CACR32 did not pass the legislature, the outpouring of support for independence from the disastrous union controlled by DC has only continued to pick up steam.

Breaking: US House Passes Major Gun Control Bill

On Wednesday, the US House of Representatives voted on a few parts of HR 7910, a large gun control bill with various sections. Multiple parts of the bill passed the full House by large majorities. The bill is likely to pass the Democrat-controlled Senate, and Biden is likely to sign it into law. 

How DC Politicians Destroyed Our Money

Nearly every government eventually becomes greedy and seeks to steal more from its people than it could via simple taxation. Tyrants in the federal government always wanted to control the money that the people used. Alexander Hamilton wanted the President to rule over the Americans for life with massive powers, and he wanted the central government to be quite authoritarian.

Uvalde Aftermath: Abolish The Police

Thanks to propaganda produced by the government and their allies, nearly all citizens believe that the primary duty of police is to ‘protect’ people from danger. Not only is this not their primary duty, police have no obligation whatsoever to protect you or me. But it gets much worse. 

The Liberty Block Partners With The Silver Pool!

If you are at all concerned about the trillions of ‘dollars’ that the DC politicians and the federal government have created out of thin air over the past year, you should strongly consider getting some silver, gold, and other stable money.

Pro-Freedom NH Family Under Attack By DCYF

When my wife got home, a DCYF social worker called her demanding a visit to inspect our home and interview our 2-year-old without the parents. I told this Social Worker, “I reject your offer to contract with me, the State has no jurisdiction in this matter, I charge $50k per hour for each hour of my time you consume, and to Cease and Desist.”

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