What Will the Future of the NHGOP Hold?

As a long-standing Republican volunteer who has held multiple positions in the state party and knows a great deal about the party's history with the multitude of its stakeholders, I am providing the insight I KNOW concerning the NHGOP election on January 28th.

Bad Bill Could Ban Driving With Animal In Vehicle

“A person who operates any motor vehicle on a public way with an animal of any size on their person, or who permits an animal to impede his or her free access to and use of vehicle controls or to obstruct their vision with any animal between the operator and the operators (sic) door is guilty of a violation.”

Coining Money and the Coinage Act of 1792

There are a number of original source materials available for studying the U.S. Constitution, including notes on the 1787 Constitutional Convention and articles written in favor of ratification (The Federalist) and against (the anti-federalist papers). The ratification debates held in the various State ratifying conventions are also very informative.

List of Public Hearings On Important Liberty-Related Bills

During the coming week, committees within the New Hampshire House will hold public hearings on numerous bills that could have positive impacts for liberty. Individuals who wish to share their opinions on these bills will have the opportunity to speak to the legislators on the committees during the hearings. Those who cannot attend the hearings may also submit their testimony to the committees online and they could email the committee members. 

What Is Money?

The man who raises cows and bulls has valuable assets, but livestock is difficult to carry in your pocket and not practical for dividing into small denominations. Animals also live for only a few years. The fisherman has lots of fish, but they also die quickly, and not everyone even likes fish.

Omnibus Bill Signed Into Law, Includes 1.7 Trillion More Reasons To Secede

Congress is supposed to pass 12 separate spending bills each year for the various areas of the government, including the military, healthcare, and other major programs. But the politicians shove nearly every one of their desires into an annual ‘omnibus’ bill, which they all know is going to pass into law. Congress passed the 4000-page bill...