Within hours of being pressured by leftists, Amazon caved and wiped Parler off of the internet by turning off their servers. This marks yet another warning to conservatives and libertarians that the radical left will stop at nothing to destroy our lives. They will use any means of control they have, including shutting down servers that host our data. 

The allegations by the tech tyrants is that some people who attended the peaceful protest in DC on the 6th may have communicated about or planned the gathering on Parler. Of course, many more protestors used Twitter and Facebook to plan with others regarding this protest – and the much more violent BLM protests for years. If any platform on which protests were planned must be wiped off of the internet – Facebook and Twitter should have disappeared years ago. 

Parler had seen a massive influx of social media users, as millions ditched or were banned from Facebook and Twitter. A few weeks ago, it was the #1 most popular app in the app store. Since the massive ban a few days ago, Parler saw an even bigger surge of new users. President Trump had also moved to Parler recently. 

Only a few hours prior to Amazon turning off the AWS servers that hosted Parler’s data, Apple and Google removed the Parler app from their app stores. By the morning of January 11th, Parler.com was offline. 

For years, social media giants insisted that pro-freedom users had the freedom to take their business elsewhere if they did not like the way Facebook and Twitter moderated their content. Once those users listened and moved to Parler, they conspired to literally wipe the site off of the internet. 

On Monday, January 11th, all of the aforementioned tech tyrants took a financial hit, losing billions of dollars in valuation as their stocks fell drastically. Maybe when you accuse half of the people in the US of being evil Nazi terrorists and ban millions of users for no reason and then kill the site that they moved to, it hurts your bottom line. During the first trading day of the week, Twitter lost more than 6%, Facebook lost more than 4%, and Amazon, Google, and Apple lost more than 2%. 

Many individuals have told The Liberty Block that they are totally abandoning all of the products and services of the above tech tyrants. They are beginning to use alternatives like Rumble and LBRY, which host video and MeWe, which is a social network. There are also many decentralized and open source social media sites such as Liberdon and Shire Society. Google’s services could be replaced by a variety of other companies, including Outlook for email and Microsoft for word processing. There are also many other companies that could be found with a bit of searching.

Parler has filed a lawsuit against the anti-freedom, anti-human companies that illegally removed their platform from the internet. 

big tech killing free speech

Many anti-Marxist users believe that starving the neo-Marxists of money is the best solution at the moment, and it might be. Of course, even if the companies do become financially crippled, the government could be expected to bail them out. I could already see it: President Joe Dementia Biden saying that “The right to free speech is the most important right in America, and great sites like Facebook and Twitter have become the new virtual ‘town square’ in which people speak to one another. This is especially true during pandemics, as we just witnessed. It is therefore our responsibility to ensure that these sites continue to function proficiently. And if that means getting a little support from the government, I am totally fine with that!”


Just days after banning massive amounts of users for failing to support radical socialism, Twitter made the following statement, which may be the most hypocritical statement in history:

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