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UPDATE: In addition to the E-book & paperback versions, the audiobook is now on Amazon!

  1. Thou shalt wear a mask at all times
  2. Hugging and kissing are an abomination unto God
  3. Six feet of distance shall be maintained from others at all times
  4. All gatherings of people shall be a sin and a desecration to the Lord
  5. Upon being exposed to a person with any symptom, thou shalt self-quarantine
  6. Thou shalt not seek to work, for the Lord will provide for thou
  7. All blame for worldly problems lay at the feet of Trump, for he is the devil
  8. Lord Biden is the savior chosen by God Almighty
  9. Thou shalt worship healthcare workers, medical experts must be obeyed
  10. The word of the Lord shall not be questioned, heresy is condemned by God

Alu on One America News:

The newly updated audio-book is now on Audible thanks to the great narrator, Captain Kickass!!!