In 2018, the Republican-controlled government of New Hampshire passed a law requiring able-bodied recipients of Medicaid to work or volunteer 25 hours per week. A judge blocked the new law from taking effect, and the requirement has been in legal limbo since, never actually taking effect. Earlier this month, the Democrat-controlled House passed HB690, a bill to formally repeal the work/volunteer requirement.

Working gives individuals a sense of purpose and enriches society – welfare does the opposite

The disagreement on how to handle welfare to those in need has been raging between conservatives and progressives for decades. Progressives increasingly support redistributing money from taxpayers to anyone who does not work. Recently, the far left politicians (moderate Democrats are all but extinct, at this point) have begun to proudly support the concept of giving tax dollars to healthy adults who simply refuse to work. When President Trump recently made a tiny policy change and asked states to start enforcing the tiny work requirement for healthy adults receiving food stamps, the progressives threw a fit. Of course, this is occurring as the concept of a ‘universal basic income’ – simply redistributing tax dollars to people with zero justification – is becoming increasingly popular among Democratic leaders and voters.

In response to the House passing of the 2019 bill after being retained from last session, NHGOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek released the following statement:

“Requiring able-bodied adults receiving Medicaid coverage via the granite advantage health program [sic] to work just makes sense. The work requirement should be strengthened by the legislature, not removed. These social safety nets need to be strong and supported for those who truly need it – requiring those able-bodied individuals who are otherwise eligible for the benefits to work is the right path for the Granite State and is supported by the people of New Hampshire.”

If you believe that able-bodied adults should not be rewarded for laziness with taxpayer dollars if they refuse to spend a mere 25 of the 168 hours in a week being productive, make sure to tell your Senator to oppose the bill and remind Governor Sununu to veto HB690!

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