Learn how to understand what politicians are REALLY saying when they speak!

As we’ve discussed, the Liberty Block is not an exercise in futility. We spend our valuable time, effort, and money on this site in order to make a real-world difference and to support liberty in legislation and in culture. We understand that not everyone is able to read every bill that is relevant to them, and it is understandable that many people do not understand complex legislation. Some even find it difficult to understand politicians when they speak in interviews or in speeches. As such, we would love to help people read between the lines of political jargon so that they can understand the things that will imminently and significantly affect them. Below are some common terms that are used which often confuse voters and justify new laws and taxes. As always, we will do our best to improve and expand this part of our site.

Thank you so much for the anticipated feedback and thank you for helping us stand for liberty!

Public – Owned by the government/politicians. (Public school = government school, public roads = government roads, cops protect the public = cops protect the government)

Free – Paid for by taxpayers under the threat of force

Grant – When politicians extort states and cities with federal taxpayers’ money

Disinformation – Also referred to as ‘fake news’ or ‘false news’, this generally refers to anything that disputes leftist ideology. Even the brightest of scientists who doubt the leftist claim that the world is rapidly warming due to human actions are considered ‘wackos’ who are spreading misinformation. The same goes for doctors who believe that we should have open conversations about COVID treatments, who were recently wiped from the internet by the left.

Infrastructure – An old reliable excuse for politicians to spend taxpayers’ money and make themselves seem righteous while doing it.

Politicians often campaign on and justify increasing taxes in order to fix roads and bridges and sometimes public transit, like trains and buses. Whenever you hear ‘infrastructure’, you should ask “If current taxes were sufficient to build and maintain the infrastructure, what happened that forced the government to suddenly increase taxes to maintain it?”

NYC spent over $900,000,000 on ‘infrastructure’ last year, and they are expecting their dept. of Transportation to spend over a billion dollars this year, yet their roads remain the worst in the US. Government convinces naive people that they need an ever-increasing amount of money in order to fix roads, yet roads never improve.

Omnibus – Legislation that lumps all government spending into one massive bill. This bill always passes, because nearly zero legislators want to be blamed for ‘shutting down’ the government by not allowing it to be funded. So, the bill is considered an easy pass. Because it will obviously pass, each legislator adds whatever they want to the bill. This includes corruption on a massive scale. Also, omnibus bills are illegal, as Congressman Massie explains.

National debt – The debt owed by DC POLITICIANS (not citizens like you and me) to the Federal Reserve and other foreign governments). Their debt is currently 30 trillion dollars and counting.

Deficit – In relation to the national debt, the deficit is the difference between federal government expenditures and revenues in a given year. If the DC politicians take in 4 trillion in taxes and spend 5 trillion, the deficit is 1 trillion and must be borrowed or printed.

Not fully vaccinated – While elite corona-fascists would like people to read this confusing term as if it says ‘unvaccinated’, that is not the case. This terms describes all persons other than those who have received all vaccinations for COVID including the latest booster plus two weeks for the latest injection to take effect. Anyone who has not yet received the latest booster and waited two weeks are labeled as ‘not fully vaccinated‘. Thus, the mainstream media can report headlines such as ‘97% of patients in ICU with COVID are not fully vaccinated’.