On Monday, a Twitter user posted this video of an ABC TV report, showing what was purported by the network to be a fiery battle in northern Syria. The leftist media company sought to use the machine gun fire and explosion footage as a propaganda tool to convince the public to oppose President Trump’s Syria pullout. Despite historically being anti-war, the new left has recently become extremely supportive of endless foreign intervention. This is a direct response to Trump being skeptical of infinite foreign conflicts and US military involvement in complicated battles that Americans do not want to be involved in. Due to their knee-jerk reaction and their zealousness to oppose Trump, the giant media corporation seemingly neglected to do any research on the video – or they knowingly sought to defraud the public.

Spectators watch the annual machine-gun shoot at the Knob Creek gun range in Kentucky

“A border town, bombarded by Turkey’s military!”, says the narrator over the footage of machine-gun fire. The ABC host narrates the video, emotionally telling viewers that the footage shows Turkish forces slaughtering the poor Kurds. The host peddles the new leftist narrative that the Kurds are a monolithic group of righteous, brave saints who are US allies and who fought alongside American soldiers. The narrative is that Trump is now ‘abandoning our allies’ by withdrawing some troops from northern Syria. Of course, US military involvement and financial support in foreign conflicts nearly always makes matters worse. Arming the ‘good’ rebel group a few years ago resulted in the US literally helping to arm the group that later became ‘ISIS’, the largest and most influential terrorist organization in the world today (other than the US government itself). Additionally, the official count of US military of troops in a given location is largely irrelevant, because the actual work may be done more often by ‘private contractors’ (read: mercenaries) anyway. The radical left wouldn’t let facts get in the way of their narrative, though.

As the Twitter user pointed out and as others – including a Congressman from the area – confirmed, the footage that ABC aired was from a Kentucky gun range. The range regularly allows people to fire fully automatic guns at explosive devices, which leads to dramatic fiery explosions. This is not uncommon for gun ranges and free American individuals to do for fun.

On Wednesday, the US House voted 354-60 to condemn Trump’s decision to bring troops home from Syria. Being that the US military never should have entered Syria, especially not without a declaration of war, such a vote was the epitome of hypocrisy and corruption. A Democratic congressman told reporters that “Trump has taken the side of dictators and butchers.”, according to NBC. The article also claims that Senator Graham is a Trump ally, and makes a point of his opposition to Trump’s pullout. Those who follow the news know quite well that Lindsey Graham is anti-Trump, anti-peace, and pro-war, and is generally a leftist authoritarian.

In response to the harsh attacks over the past few weeks regarding his decision to protect US troops from needless involvement in Syria, Trump tweeted: “I am the only person who can fight for the safety of our troops & bring them home from the ridiculous & costly Endless Wars, and be scorned. Democrats always liked that position, until I took it. Democrats always liked Walls, until I built them. Do you see what’s happening here?”

Of the many takeaways from this false report, many have posted the following meme, which brings up an excellent point about how powerful individuals in the US are:

The Liberty Block has been naming a ‘Statist of the Month’ every month since the beginning of 2017. The award is given to the most impressive anti-freedom politician in the US each month. This major propaganda blunder (the blunder being that they were caught, not that they aired fake footage) makes us consider whether we should also grant a ‘Fake News’ award to the most impressive propaganda story from the corrupt news industry each month.

What do you think?

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