On Thursday, 131 Democratic State Representatives in New Hampshire voted to make it illegal to own a wood stove. Indeed, the increasingly radical and hateful political left-wing is seeking to freeze their own constituents to death. Of course, these tyrants claim that humanity could not survive even one more generation without completely eliminating the use of all fossil fuels, lest the world’s ice all melt and drown us all. No wonder people are beginning to refer to leftists as enviro-fascists.

According to the New Hampshire government, over 33,000 households in the state use wood stoves as their primary heating source. Considering that New Hampshire, Chicago, and the west coast are still extremely cold (Washington State will also see negative temperatures in March this year), we can safely assume that the western hemisphere has not yet experienced the full effect of global warming. The rapid warming and subsequent melting of the polar ice caps are sure to occur next year. For the time being, however, these 33,000 families may still want to heat their homes during the frigid New England winter. Al Gore did warn that we would be drowning due to the world’s ice melting by 2014, but we are clearly not there yet. At the moment, we are freezing. And we are short-sighted and selfish. The clock has just struck midnight as I typed this paragraph, launching me into the coldest March I have ever experienced in my life. 

House Bill 290 proposed that “ The removal and destruction of a wood stove shall be the responsibility of the seller of the home unless the buyer and seller agree in writing that the responsibility shall be the buyer’s responsibility.  If the seller retains responsibility, the seller shall remove and destroy the wood stove prior to the closing date of the sale of the property.  If the buyer accepts responsibility, the buyer shall remove and destroy the wood stove within 30 days after the closing date of the sale of the home.” In true incrementalistic fashion, this bill would only ban wood stoves made after 1986. Of course, their goal is to eventually ban all burning of wood.

The Democrat-sponsored bill was recommended ITL (inexpedient to legislate) by the House  Science, Technology and Energy Committee. The motion to kill the bill/support the committee’s recommendation was supported by all but a few Democrats. Thanks to the 138 Republicans who voted against the authoritarian bill, it failed by a narrow margin. The Democrats will surely try to freeze us to death in the name of environmentalism next year, though. If you think this is radical, this is nothing. The Party of Hate has only controlled Concord for three months. The evil, enviro-fascist, socialist, anti-freedom, anti-prosperity Democrats are just getting warmed up.