On June 18th, Fox 4 News reported that the Texas government has been tapping into thermostats in some homes in order to conserve energy. One couple woke up to an 81 degree home, panicking when they realized that their baby was dehydrated and overheated. They wondered who had turned up their thermostat while they were asleep. It turns out that the same government that took over the state’s energy sector, froze people to death a few months ago, and then doubled down on their communist control over all energy in the state was now on the verge of killing people by giving them heat strokes. 

The new Orwellian program began largely in response to the horrifically embarrassing collapse of the Texas government’s energy grid during the winter. On February 14th, 2021, the Texas government’s electrical grid failed, seemingly because no government ‘expert’ ever anticipated such low temperatures, and therefore never fortified the power lines and other critical energy infrastructure to be able to handle the cold. The same cold that killed the government-controlled power grid also killed at least a few dozen Texans and caused millions more to freeze without any heat in their homes for around 48 hours.

New Program Begins To Remotely Control Home Thermostats

Of course, the government’s only solution to problems is to bring about more government. So, the Texas government’s electrical companies created the ‘energy saver’ program, which customers can choose to opt into. It is not mandatory. Not yet, anyway. Customers who opt into the program can get up to $85 per thermostat they convert into a ‘smart thermostat’ which could be controlled by the government, plus a $30 credit each year. The program involves installing a wifi-connected smart thermostat which the government and their energy companies can control remotely and without informing you.

Like the other 49 states, Texas’ energy is controlled by the state government’s ERCOT, which controls the state’s energy companies. They call it a ‘public-private partnership’, but it is all ultimately controlled by the state government, of course.

The program was sold to homeowners and the general public as a wonderful, efficient, moral idea which allowed the government to efficiently keep energy usage from peaking and causing another shutdown. 

While some people believe that Texas ‘deregulated’ their energy industry or that private companies make their own choices in regards to their operations, this is far from the truth. All over the fascist united states, even the most ‘private’ companies are so closely regulated by the government that they are essentially an extension of the government. This is the definition of ‘fascism’. And when the government controls every business 100%, they must also take 100% responsibility for the actions of those businesses.

For years, progressives have been pushing for total governmental control over energy usage. Some people may be surprised that the Republican state of Texas was the first to actually implement such a program. This fantastically efficient program is sure to spread to all parts of the united states where the government controls the energy grid, and by upgrading to a ‘smart thermostat’, you’ll make this extremely easy for the government. It’s only a matter of time.