Although my Ravens blew the Dolphins out the water in week 1 by a score of 59-10, the biggest winner was the leftist mob and the biggest loser was Drew Brees. The Saints quarterback remains an elite player and an NFL legend, and I’m sure he’s a great person, but the leftist mob and their allies pressured him enough in week 1 of the NFL season to defeat him.

Since 2014, the Christian organization, ‘Focus on the Family’ has sponsored an annual ‘bring your bible to school day’ across the US. The event encourages Christian students to be proud of being Christian and to bring their bibles to school one day per year. Of course, the groups in the US from black Americans to gay Americans each have an entire month in which society forces everyone to join them in celebrating their own pride of who they are. Could Christians have one day a year when being proud of their faith is accepted by society? We shall find out.

As Christians who believe in God and the Bible, the people of the organization believe that homosexuality is a sin. Of course, Christians are not taught to hate sinners; only to hate the sin. As the name implies, the group believes in healthy families involving mothers, fathers, and children. The pro-family organization records short videos of Christians talking about their faith and encouraging students to bring their bibles to school on bible day.

On August 28th, Drew Brees recorded a video for Focus on the Family, in which he told students not to be ashamed and to bring their bibles to school on October 3rd. Immediately, the leftist mob descended on Brees and sought to destroy him and force him to apologize for promoting Christianity, and by extension, heterosexuality – the only sexuality that is unacceptable to the leftist mob and ‘woke culture’. On September 4th, published a poorly written and inaccurate article condemning Brees for being anti-gay. Right on cue, the leftist mob followed their lead and began to attack Brees on Twitter. Understanding that the angry mob of hateful anti-Christian leftists would soon destroy all of his advertising deals and pressure the NFL and the Saints to punish him, Brees put out another video ‘explaining’ himself. His explanation came within ‘4th & inches’ of apologizing for being a hetero white Christian male. He denied that he knew when he filmed the video that Focus on the Family had lobbied for heterosexual or Chrisitan legislation and he harshly condemned all hatred towards the LGBTQ community. Brees said that it is not a Christian value to support heterosexuality, although the bible says otherwise. Many Christians are not upset at Brees for condemning them for not accepting behavior that they do not believe in. Brees is unfortunately week 1’s biggest loser because he has upset the radical left and his conservative supporters.

His explan-apology was not enough for the radical left, though. They will not be satisfied until he totally rejects whites, Christianity, males, and heterosexuality and until he is forced out of the NFL and until he loses all of his endorsements.

Brees has yet to even play his first game of the season; the Saints host the Texans tonight on Monday Night Football. Still, we can confidently name Brees as the week’s most unfortunate player, because he has been beaten so harshly by the leftist mob that his career may never recover. As we have increasingly witnessed over the past few years, the ‘woke’ leftist mob that controls the media, education, Hollywood, pro sports, and politics sets the tone for acceptable discourse in society. And those groups have made it clear that the only unacceptable sins are being Christian, white, male, and straight. It is okay to be black in the US in 2019, but all white people are bad. It is okay to be gay, but all straight people are evil. It is okay to be Muslim or atheist (which this author is) but it is totally unacceptable to be Christian. Do you really believe that we can live in the same society as those who hate and seek to destroy nearly everything about us?

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