Two Democratic New Hampshire Representatives have proposed a bill that would be a significant step in their long-term plan to ban paper – and every other material and action in existence – for citizens who are not politically connected. We have already discussed New Hampshire Democrats’ specific bills proposed for the 2020 session which begin to criminalize and ban the use of plastic cups, plastic straws, plastic bags, styrofoam, and many other items and actions. House Bill 1508 begins the process of banning paper.

The savvy incrementalist sponsors, Representatives Muscatel (Grafton. 12) and Espitia (Hillsborough 31) chose to begin by only slightly criminalizing only one annoying type of paper. If this bill passes and is well received by the public, they will surely expand it next year, and then again each year until using paper in New Hampshire is as taboo as using an AR-15 in NYC. The ridiculously long paper receipts that CVS prints out for each customer has been quite the annoyance for years. The long list of coupons and surveys and who knows what else has become such a common complaint that it’s been the focus of some popular and hilarious memes (one of which explained that the sun is 93 million miles – or 8 CVS receipts away from the Earth). So, the radical progressive democrats took this opportunity to make the receipts nearly illegal.

We all love to joke about CVS receipts
being a mile long….but should they be banned?

House Bill 1508 seems to create three new primary laws. And as you may already be aware, ALL laws are ultimately enforced by ‘law enforcement’, also known as the men who wear blue and carry guns and enforce the will of the government.

Firstly, the bill seemingly makes it a crime for a business to print a paper receipt for a customer unless they specifically request one. Some businesses are capable of sending receipts to customers via email. Customers do not seem to enjoy typing their emails into the tiny credit card keypad each time they make a purchase. Many consumers are also hesitant to give out their email due to privacy concerns or because they are sick of spam mail. Additionally, email receipts make it extremely easy for criminals (especially the ones in suits occupying the capitol building) to track our purchases.

Secondly, the bill seemingly makes it a crime to print a receipt that has anything non-essential on it. A receipt can only be printed at the customer’s request and it may only contain the items purchased. If you own a business and you benefited from using receipts to get coupons into the hands of your customers, screw you. The Democrats want your business to fail, anyway.

Thirdly, the bill makes it a crime to use a receipt that contains any amount of bisphenol A or bisphenol S, two very common materials used in receipts, plastics, and many other everyday items.

The bill creates a $25 fine for each day that a business is in violation of any of these new laws.

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