At least seven anti-gun bills have been filed by authoritarian Democrats for New Hampshire’s 2020 legislative session. If they controlled the governorship, Democrats surely would have proposed all of the same gun laws that NYC currently has in place. For now, the bills are incremental and seem relatively mild. Do not be fooled, though. These bills are dangerous and if any of them pass, it would send a terrible signal about the political climate in New Hampshire.

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House Bill 1608 makes it a crime to possess a rifle magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds or a pistol magazine capable of holding more than 15 rounds. Most full-size pistols hold 15-17 rounds, so this won’t affect them much. Rifles, however, do often use magazines that hold 30 rounds. The two most popular rifles in the US for self-defense, hunting, target shooting, and for fun are the AR-15 and the AK-47. The standard magazines for both rifles holds 30 rounds. Of course, tyrants like Hitler always wanted to render their citizens defenseless against the government. As the famous saying goes: “Armed men don’t walk themselves onto cattle cars, only defenseless sheep do”. Politicians know that the most useful tool against them are sporting rifles like the AR-15 and AK-47, so they are working on banning those guns, their magazines, and their ammunition. By approaching their goal from multiple angles, they figure that their chances of neutering it will be quite high. As written, the bill includes a clause which ‘grandfathers’ in the magazines already owned by citizens before the bill passes. Keep in mind, though, that this sentence could easily be struck with a last-second amendment. Alternately, it could be repealed next year with another bill. The bill is sponsored by nine Democrats. HB1608 exempts all government employees and their enforcers from the magazine ban. Just like Hitler exempted the Nazis from German gun control laws.

UPDATE: This bill passed the House by 5 votes

House Bill 1143 repeals the ‘limited liability’ status of all “manufacturers, distributors, dealers, or importers of firearms or ammunition”. This would potentially open up the door for firearms and ammunition companies to be held liable whenever a person is hurt by a person who used a firearm. How do we know that this is the purpose of the bill? Well, Democrats have been openly discussing it for years. The bill is sponsored by 12 Democrats. When will they propose a bill that holds McDonald’s liable for people who suffer or die from heart disease – which kills more than 20 times more Americans than all firearms-related deaths combined?

UPDATE: This bill passed the House by 44 votes

House Bill 1374 repeals a very specific New Hampshire statute, RSA 159:25. The law that this anti-freedom Democratic Representative wants to repeal is one of the obstacles preventing police from destroying citizens’ guns that they come to possess via surrender/confiscation. The statute states that “ No state agency shall operate a firearms “voluntary surrender and destroy” program. Firearms which are voluntarily surrendered to a state agency shall be sold at public auction or kept by the state agency for its own use. Proceeds from firearms sold at public auction by the state shall be deposited in the general fund.” While it may not seem important on its face, this bill allows the Democrats to decrease the number of firearms in circulation by destroying the guns that police come into contact with. (Remember that ‘#OneLess’ crap from last year?) Now, you may be wondering just how many people voluntarily give their firearms to the government/police. I’d imagine that very few people do. Police do, however, voluntarily obtain, temporarily repossess, or otherwise confiscate massive amounts of firearms whenever they arrest a person who uses a firearm in any self-defense encounter, regardless of how innocent and righteous the gun owner might be, and regardless of whether a single shot was even fired. Considering that Americans use their firearms in self-defense scenarios around two to six million times per year and that the average gun owner may have around 10 firearms, we could assume that police have repossessed millions of firearms in New Hampshire alone. And I would hate to see those firearms destroyed by the tyrants who confiscated repossessed them.

UPDATE: This bill passed the House by 40 votes

House Bill 1350 requires all federally licensed firearms dealers and all consumers of firearms to include a lock or other safety device with every firearm. Those of you who have purchased firearms may already be aware that every firearms manufacturer in the world already seems to include a standard lock with 2 keys in every single new firearm box. This redundant bill sponsored by eight Democrats “prohibits the sale or transfer of a firearm unless accompanied by an approved safety device.”

House Bill 1285 makes it a crime to possess a firearm on :…public school property, including buildings, grounds, school buses, and vans.” Introduced by nine Democrats, the bill limits the natural rights of civilians while exempting government enforcers. This bill was vetoed by Governor Sununu last session.

UPDATE: This bill passed the House by 41 votes

House Bill 1379 requires all purchasers of firearms from a federal firearms dealer to undergo and pass a background check. This is already the federal law. The sponsors are nine Democrats. This bill was vetoed by Governor Sununu last session.

House Bill 1101 establishes a waiting period of three business days before a person who paid for a passed a background check can take possession of their firearm. The unconstitutional, tyrannical, immoral, ridiculous, dangerous bill sponsored by nine Democrats is similar to a bill which was vetoed by Governor Sununu last session.

Democrats either don’t care that New Hampshire is the safest state in the nation or they want it to become more dangerous, which seems to be the natural result of gun control. If you do not support these bills, make sure to email their sponsors, the committees assigned to them, your legislators, and the governor – who will likely be the best hope for stopping these anti-freedom bills.

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