A bill proposed by five Democratic Representatives would “require climate change instruction in all public school grades pre-K through grade 12.” While this bill certainly may seem like an Orwellian authoritarian one, it should come as no surprise to those who have noticed the tremendous pressure progresives are putting on pro-science individuals who are skeptical of their catastrophic predictions. Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Google, and many other sites have been cracking down on non-believers of their cult-like idea that man-made global warming is going to destroy the Earth any day now.

Government schools are scaring your children into believing that this is imminent

House Bill 1635 is a perfect example of authoritarian politicians utilizing one of their most reliable and powerful tools – their monopolistic educational system – to brainwash the youth. Radical socialists (Democratic leaders) treasure their government-operated school system so much because it allows them to have incredible influence over students, their parents, and all of the staff and their families and friends. Of course, many are now aware that the Democratic House leader also happens to be the teachers’ union leader. Indeed, the Democratic Party and the teachers’ unions (AFT and NEA) are essentially the same organization. And nearly every penny donated by teachers and their unions goes to Democrats.

New Hampshire Democrats may already sense the coming destruction in 2020, when they will likely lose control of the House and Senate. So, they seemingly figured that they ought to pass this sweeping indoctrination bill while they had the chance. This bill could easily pass the Democratic House and Democratic Senate, and with enough pressure by billionaire leftist hypocrites, they could get Sununu to sign it into law. Once it’s the law, it would prove difficult to repeal, even for a Republican government.

A few simple reasons we are confident that ‘global warming’ is a corrupt, authoritarian agenda created by politicians:

1) The primary claim is that using fossil fuels (coal, gas, and oil) are causing CO2 to be emitted, trapped in the atmosphere, keeping the sun’s warmth in the atmosphere, and melting all the ice in the world, which will cause us all to drown any day now. They are trying to make it a crime to even use a car. Here’s the issue: These same politicians use their airplanes (those things that cause infinitely more CO2 than cars) nearly as regularly as us peasants use our cars. And we use our cars to get to work. They use their private jets to fly to vacations, pedophile island, and to the annual ironic global warming summit.

2) If Democrats actually believed in the hogwash claim that sea levels were drastically rising and will imminently cover low, coastal cities, why are Democrats BUYING houses in Martha’s Vineyard, Miami, Long Island, Portsmouth, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Hawaii? Why aren’t they selling their worthless properties and rushing inland to Kansas – which conservatives currently occupy? One look at the housing markets in beach cities would make anyone with a working brain see through the ridiculous lie. If leftists want to have a chance of being taken seriously by individuals with actual brains, the least they could do is leave their beach-front properties and move a few miles inland or uphill. The electoral map tells the opposite story, though.

3) Oftentimes, all it takes to discover that something is an evil plot is discovering that the creators had something to gain from selling their hogwash to naive pedestrians. Utilizing global warming, Gore became rich and famous, Obama passed 4,000 new ‘environmental’ regulations, and the world’s leftist leaders granted themselves an eternal blank check to pass any law or tax they want, as long as it’s sold as ‘combating global warming’.

4) The sea levels have been rising for decades. Over the past few years, they are rising 50% SLOWER than before.

5) The latest leftist scheme involved hyping up a young girl with severe autism, bipolar disorder, and terribly manipulative parents to convince the world that ‘normal little girls like Greta are deathly afraid of global warming killing them imminently’. Of course, this plan ended in a climax of hypocrisy, like so many other leftist agendas orchestrated by the corrupt socialists in politics, culture, and media. See the image below:

6) The Earth is still experiencing record cold on a regular basis and the amount of polar ice is increasing, according to NASA.

7) Even if Democrats were 100% correct about the world boiling and drowning us all any day now, and assuming that they were right about humanity being 100% responsible, what should we do to prepare for such a terrifying inevitability? As the scientist and author Alex Epstein explains, the best solutions (levies, damns, dikes, transport, homes, etc.) would certainly require one thing: Energy. Massive amounts of cheap, reliable, convenient, scalable energy. And fossil fuels (and nuclear) are the best forms of energy humans have at the moment. Despite decades and billions of dollars thrown at them by desperate politicians, solar, wind, and hydro energy have hardly been able to produce reliable, efficient, scalable energy.

And even if everything they say is true, the government still should not have any authority to ban any form of energy.

Despite the facts and logic proving that global warming is hogwash, Democrats’ long-term plan involves totally brainwashing the masses into believing that the world is nearly destroyed, that humans are to blame, and that only communism can save us and the planet.

The bill mandates:

PreK-3rd grade: 2 hours of climate education.

Fourth-6th grade: 4 hours of climate education.

Seventh-8th grade: 8 hours of climate education.

Ninth-12th grade: at least 10 hours of climate education or one full semester of an environmental education course.”

Section 2 states that education shall include:

(a) Anthropogenic causes of climate change.

(b) Effects of climate change on New Hampshire.

(c) Species affected by climate change in New Hampshire.

(d) Coastal impacts of climate change.

(e) Changes in weather patterns.

(f) Climate change impacts locally and globally.

(g) Alternatives to fossil fuels.

(h) Maximizing energy efficiency in homes and schools.

(i) Information about careers in solar, wind, algae, hydrogen power and other developing innovative energy sources.

(j) STEM activities that include problem solving, social concerns, energy engineering, invention, installation, maintenance, literary, and informative performance opportunities

If you do not want your children being brainwashed by global warming fanatics and radical socialists, please email the bill’s sponsors and tell them how you feel. Email the Education committee, and tell them to kill the bill. And email your own legislators whose job is to represent your wishes.

SPONSORS: Rep. Balch, Hills. 38; Rep. Schultz, Merr. 18; Rep. McGhee, Hills. 40; Rep. Mann, Ches. 2; Rep. Oxenham, Sull. 1

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