A local gang within the nation’s largest organized crime network officially declared Tuesday that the NRA is a terrorist organization, as reported by KTVU. It is not clear whether the activist criminals intended to condemn the NRA leadership or all of its 5 million members.

“The NRA exists to spread disinformation and knowingly puts weapons in the hands of those who would harm and terrorist us”, said the declaration’s author, Catherine Stefani, who is a ‘supervisor’ for the city of San Francisco.

The board of supervisors for a city that is literally a sh**hole say that they passed the declaration in response to recent shootings, which ironically occurred despite California’s super-strict gun laws. They blame the NRA for the shootings because they are an easy scapegoat that the left is familiar with. The anti-freedom left hates the NRA because they wrongly believe that the NRA is the strongest advocate for gun rights in the US. While the NRA has more dues-paying members and a much larger budget than organizations like Gun Owners of America and Firearms Policy Coalition, they are hardly principled in their support for gun rights, and they tend to support popular gun control laws like red flag laws, bump stocks bans and expanded background checks. The left is either oblivious or willfully ignores the fact that the NRA is largely their ally on gun control matters. They just can’t give up their favorite scapegoat!

Nothing new

Calling the NRA a ‘terrorist organization’ is a classic example of ‘projecting’, and anti-freedom leftist activists and politicians have been guilty of doing it many times in the past. Michael Moore, a leftist, anti-freedom filmmaker turned activist, called the NRA a terrorist organization years ago. A few years ago, a leftist activist bought a billboard ad which simply read ‘The NRA is a terrorist organization’. The Root, a major leftist publication called the NRA terrorists in 2018. Keith Olberman called the moderate gun lobby a terrorist organization in 2017. Political candidates from Governor Malloy to Hillary Clinton have used the same messaging. Now that it’s one of their slogans, expect to hear the phrase at least until the 2020 elections. You can also assume that it’ll soon be ‘trending’ (organically, of course – no manipulation by big-tech here!) on Twitter any day now.

Is this retaliation?

Over the past few months, President Trump has flirted with the idea of declaring the leftist organization known as ‘Antifa’ as a domestic terrorist organization. Conservative activists and some Senators like Cruz and Cassidy support the declaration. The NRA – whose only crime is swindling naive conservatives and supporting ‘compromise’ gun control bills (earning them the nicknames of ‘Fudds’ and ‘Negotiating Rights Away’) does not fit the strict definition of a ‘terrorist group’. Antifa, on the other hand, does seem to fit the definition, which is “the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes”, according to Dictionary.com. Merriam Webster’s dictionary has a similar definition, which also applies to violent leftist instigators like Antifa. The group of violent protesters would also fit the FBI’s definition of a terrorist organization. Being that the NRA has not hurt anyone and has hardly even recognized that the second amendment was written to protect the natural right to revolt against politicians when they oppress the people, calling the NRA terrorists might actually provide cause for a libel lawsuit in a universe that really did provide for ‘equal justice’. The radical left’s renewed cries of ‘terrorist’ may be preemptive retaliation against Trump for courageously calling out Antifa for what they are.

With the ever-increasing popularity of ‘red flag laws’, the leftists who run San Francisco may be striking gun owners with a genius preemptive strike by declaring 5 million of them to be ‘terrorists’. Once a few more governments throughout the US agree with their declaration, confiscating guns from all NRA members on the grounds that they are legally considered ‘terrorists’ may be conceivable.

A kernel of truth?

Those who truly believe in liberty might also consider the NRA to be akin to a terrorist organization, but for the exact opposite reason that the leftist criminals do: The NRA helped to write and to pass the nation’s largest gun control bills. The NRA supported the broad violation of individual rights, which does make them something of a terrorist organization. Legislators like the leftists who support gun control are even worse terrorists, though.

Just the start

The criminals who run San Francisco are asking other cities and states and the federal government to join them in recognizing that the NRA is a terrorist organization ignoring their role in supporting individual rights for all Americans, especially black Americans. The radical left has long been pressuring banks and credit cards to stop working with gun shops. New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo has already used his position to drive the NRA out of NY and try to bankrupt the company. We can expect super-Democratic states like CA, NY, NJ, CT, MA, IL, OR, and WA to follow San Francisco’s lead in declaring the NRA to be terrorists – and declaring war against gun owners.

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