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Alu’s books

How dangerous is the coronavirus really? How contagious is it? How have total death rates not increased if the virus is the deadliest disturbance in the history of humanity? Sociopaths in Washington DC and their cronies in the ‘private’ sector, seized the opportunity that COVID presented and used that narrative to support their mission and accelerate their goals: destroy our freedom, eliminate our privacy, and enrich themselves and their allies. This book uses data and logical reasoning to destroy the mainstream talking points that cultivated the age of perpetual paranoia and the widespread acceptance of corona-fascism.

“If you’re looking for a compelling, well-written, evidence-based explanation for the tyrannical and ‘killing a mouse with an elephant gun’ response to the 99.9% survival rate virus, read this book. The author does a great job explaining how the ‘virus’ is being used as a tool to strip folks of their basic freedoms. Not good in the ‘land of the free.’ The author points out a salient fact: State governors have been turned into virtual dictators. What they say goes; state legislatures have been sidelined. And, the author concludes the book with a way forward, one that’s peaceful and makes sense in such a divided ‘house.’ I agree.” – Dave

I am sorry to inform you that the country that you once knew and loved is irredeemably broken. This means that it is so ruined that it could not ever be fixed. The US is in terrible condition in many ways and on multiple levels. Part one of the book will delve into each way the US is broken. Part two will explain the methods that have consistently failed to ‘fix’ the united states. Part three will discuss the only solution that could allow freedom to live on beyond this generation.

“This author and I share a distaste for what the United States has become: tyrannical, wasteful, inefficient, and polarized. We agree that we should separate as a country. I think the author’s visions of a non-coercive government that doesn’t tax or collect and leaves the citizens to collectively do this on their own would not work. Having said that, the key take-away is that we cannot continue to support such a dysfunctional society unless we are ready to become deprived of whatever liberty remains and secession is the least violent way to do this.” – Apikuros

The progressive solution pic

It is no secret that the united states are growing more polarized with each passing day. California, Maine, Florida, Texas, Wyoming, and Michigan are all very different places. It’s almost as if they are different nations entirely!

Within the united states, there are progressives, centrists, conservatives, libertarians, and voluntaryists. No group will ever be totally satisfied until they leave the monstrosity that ‘America’ has become and forms their own nation. Of course, expecting 330 million unique individuals to live under one set of laws and cultural norms is ridiculous and has never been done in the world’s history.

The Progressive Solution explains to those who identify as ‘left of center’ why their best chance to achieve their ideal set of principles within a society must come via secession from the united states, which is deeply conservative, undemocratic, authoritarian, and whose leadership is too distant and corrupt to properly represent individuals.

The project is a joint effort between multiple individuals and associations, including Alu Axelman, The Liberty Block, Marcus Ruiz Evans, Yes California, The Calexit Congress, and others.