At a town hall in Iowa on Sunday, Congresswoman and US Army Major, Tulsi Gabbard was asked by a supporter how she felt about the morality of taxation. The most popular Democratic candidate among actual people in the US answered by saying:

“Taxation is theft when our taxes are being used toward things that do not serve our interests.

Y’all work hard every day. When you pay those taxes, you should have faith and trust that they will be used for things like making sure you’ve got safe roads to drive on. To make sure that your kids are getting a good education in these public schools. To make sure that your firefighters have what they need in order to make sure your house doesn’t burn down if something happens. There are basic needs that we have in this country, and our taxes are meant to serve those needs.

Not to fund needless layers and layers and layers of bureaucracy. Certainly not to fund these wasteful wars and nuclear weapons that are making us in the world less safe. This gets to the heart of what I’m talking about here.

It is about fiscal responsibility. And it is about accountability.

And making sure that our hard-earned taxpayer dollars are redirected away from this kind of waste and abuse and used to serve the interests of our people.”

Of course, each individual has unique interests. Therefore, if one wants to be absolved of the obligation to pay taxes, all one needs to proclaim is the following:

“I hereby proclaim that none of the services that the government ‘uses’ my money on is in my interest and I further proclaim that I have no interest in having my property stolen by the government by force or threat of force.”

And I, Elliot Axelman do proclaim that I no longer have any interest in being forced to pay any income taxes by the US government, or any state or city government or any other band of robbers, regardless of what they refer to themselves as, and regardless of how many useful idiots ‘voted’ for them.

Indeed, I do not wish to be forced to fund the US military any longer, being that it has become clear that their primary duty is to serve special interests and corrupt politicians in the US and other nations. The US government itself admits that its military policies are either nonsensical or corrupt.

I no longer wish to be forced to pay for federal, state, or local government-operated indoctrination centers referred to affectionately as ‘public schools’ by politicians and useful idiots who have been brainwashed.

I no longer wish for my money to be extorted and redistributed to individuals or corporations, especially corporations in foreign nations.

I don’t want to be forced to fund a Ponzi scheme which has finally been discovered to be the scam that it is.

Even in biblical studies, scholars address whether it is considered ‘theft’ if one were to take money from someone and use it for their own good. The ‘Talmud’ determines that it such an act would be considered ‘theft’ and that it would be immoral. Perhaps Gabbard – the least political and most genuine of the bunch – is beginning to realize that individual liberty and personal property are sacrosanct and that taxation is therefore theft.

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