This week’s (Nov 2) show topics included:

The Gaza war: countries breaking diplomatic relations and putting pressure on Israel; alleged plan of Israel to relocate Gazans into other countries; why does the U.S. allow Qatar to give refuge to Hamas leaders? The airport pogrom in Dagestan; the marches/riots in the UK; Turkey on the side of Hamas; do U.S. interests align more with Putin/Russia than with other countries, especially some Muslim countries; will the U.S. keep funding Ukraine even if Russia wants peace talks? Do politicians in the U.S. need and like Ukraine as a money laundering country? Is the U.S. less malevolent in its foreign policy than other countries? Should the U.S. stop funding all other countries? Did Obama want Iran to have nuclear weapons or believe them in saying they won’t make them? Did the FBI say we’re at risk from terrorists only to get more money from Congress? Daniel joined us from the UK; there the police are afraid of “community tensions” and won’t antagonize the Muslims; the new Speaker of the House should release the videos from J6; why hasn’t Tucker mentioned the tapes? would it matter if the tapes came out—would anyone be held accountable for the misuse of the justice system?

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