This is a continuation of ‘What is a Libertarian? Pt. 3’. In this installment of the series, we will address the varying views on education held by the three ideologies/parties.


Libertarians generally believe that education should be based on science, history, and language. They believe that the government should not be involved in educating new generations, though some moderate libertarians might support government-controlled schools as long as it is accountable and open to competition (school choice).

Anarchists believe that the government has no authority and no place in educating our children. Their distrust of politicians is so intense that they could not fathom allowing those corrupt bastards to indoctrinate our youth. Many anarchists recognize that governmental control over our education system is the single greatest cause of the authoritarian state we are in. The government should have zero involvement in education, according to anarchists. Parents should be totally free to determine whether private school, home school, or any other system is best for their children.


Conservatives and Republicans generally support governmental involvement in education. Many conservatives believe that local, state, and central governments should spend less money on schools, while some simply wish that politicians would spend the money more efficiently. Moderate Republicans might call for increased taxation and spending on education, because it is so important that our children be well-educated. As conservatives grow to distrust politicians to educate children or spend taxpayer money wisely, they often find themselves increasingly agreeing with libertarians.


Democrats and socialists seem to always support higher taxation and increased spending on education. Socialists generally believe that 100% of education must be administered by the government, while the moderate Democrats might support a minuscule amount of private schooling as long as it was controlled by the government.

In general, those on the left do not trust anyone other than politicians and government agencies to educate the nation’s youth. “How could you trust something as important as ‘education’ to private businesses and ignorant parents?”, asks the Democratic socialist.

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