In light of the gun-grabbing fascists ramping up their efforts to strip Americans of their natural rights to property and self-defense, I’ve compiled a list of what seem to be the eight most common, insane, deceptive lies told by leftists who seek to take guns from individuals and leave them only in the hands of the government/police. As I was about to publish this on, I learned that retired supreme court justice John Paul Stevens, a hero to the radical Democrats wrote an op-ed today calling for the repealing of the second amendment. Yes, the timing is ironic, No, I’m not sure whether I’m surprised, (he practically asserted this years ago in his Heller dissent) and I will not really address that authoritarian bastard in this article. If you want to know my opinion of him, you need only to look back to the 4th and 5th to last words in the prior sentence.

2nd amendment
The 2nd Amendment protects the natural right to own guns

Onto the list:

1) Gun-grabbers say: “Crossing an international border shouldn’t make someone into a criminal!” 

But crossing a state border while legally carrying a pistol should make someone into a criminal! Those who cross from an American state into a fascist state (like NY, NJ, CA, CT, MA, etc.) may serve decades in prison for doing nothing other than carrying a pistol like they do every day in their home state)

Ironic bonus hypocrisy: A man who was deported 5 times for previous crimes crossed from Mexico into California illegally, obtained a pistol illegally, and then killed an innocent young woman. California acquitted him of murder and manslaughter. The defense hardly even disputed the actions he was charged with. He was guilty. And he had been deported for crimes 5 times in the past. Even Judge Andrew Napolitano, an open-borders advocate called for the killer to be prosecuted and referred to him as a “serious and imminent threat”.

2) Gun-grabbers say: “Not all illegal immigrants are criminals!”

But Democrats believe that ALL Americans who exercise their 2nd amendment rights ARE criminals, and should be treated as such. After one psychotic/evil murderer reportedly killed 17 students in a Florida high school last month, the Democrat elites began spending millions of dollars convincing concerned yet naive Americans to protest in order to call for the government to take natural and constitutional rights away from innocent people like you and me. 

Ironic Bonus hypocrisy: Democrats opposed illegal immigration just a few years ago. Today, the Democrat platform supports zero border control existing on the southern border of the US, and zero restrictions on people entering the US, and few restrictions on them obtaining welfare.

3) Gun-grabbers say: “Gun free zones decrease gun crime!”

Actually, statistics show that over 98% of mass shootings occur in gun free zones.

4) Gun-grabbers say: “Strict gun laws (like Chicago has) make cities much safer!”

Actually, Chicago and other leftist cities with strict gun control have much more shootings and shooting deaths than other cities. 

5) Gun-grabbers say: “The more guns individuals own, the more violent crime occurs!”

It takes only a few minutes of research to learn that the more gun freedom/more guns exist in a state, the lower the gun crime. New Hampshire and Wyoming have essentially no restrictions on guns, each state has many more guns than citizens, and they consistently enjoy the lowest murder rates in the US. Remember, Chicago has essentially zero ‘legal’ guns, and has already had over 500 shootings in 2018.

6) Gun-grabbers say: “Only police should have guns! People can’t be trusted to use them judiciously!”

There are far too many cases of police officers using their guns to murder people in cold blood. And there are many more that don’t make the news. And they are almost never punished for using their guns to hurt or kill innocent people

I have had a difficult time determining whether NYC, Maricopa County, or Miami has the most unjust police force. Some police departments literally act like violent gangs; they use their guns to break into stores, terrorize people, smash the surveillance cameras, and steal the products. The NYPD uses their monopoly on authority and gun ownership to conduct a massive gun-running scheme, in which they exchange gun permits for bribes. Maybe that’s why the NYPD supports such strict gun control. The Baltimore Police carry realistic-looking lookalike guns on them in order to plant them on suspects. The Salt Lake City Police use their guns to force people to violate the 4th and 5th amendment rights of trauma patients.

These are just a few examples of many that would make it seem quite difficult to consider American police departments to be ‘judicious’.

Civilians actually spend an incredible amount of time and money on training, holsters, and other equipment to guarantee that they are always practicing extremely safe firearms etiquette. If gun owners in the US were more focused on using them for violence than using them safely, this video wouldn’t have over 11 million views. If the Democratic propaganda about gun owners were true, we wouldn’t watch and upload millions of videos on how to carry safely.

7) Gun-grabbers say: “Only police can utilize firearms safely!” They are too dangerous for civilians!

There are far too many cases of police officers misusing their firearms so pathetically that even a toddler would reprimand them. And many such cases surely don’t make the news. This cop and this cop have fired their guns unintentionally in classrooms full of kids. Some cops load AR-15s, deploy them, and then leave them lying in the street in front of the public.

8) “Stop being a cowboy. Just call the police if you’re ever in danger. Police will come and protect you!”

Oyyyy. This is another great one. For starters, the average police response time to even the highest priority calls is much greater than 2 minutes (7 minutes?). Mathematically, if police cannot travel faster than 1200 feet per second and they are not closer to you than the attacker is, they cannot help you until after you’ve been shot. Protect yourself. Don’t rely on them. Speaking of which, cops don’t actually have any duty to protect you. Nope. The Supreme Court of the United States has ruled that they do not. Their only duty is to arrest people for crimes, not to protect people/stop crimes. If you want protection, look into the Glock 19 for yourself.

Bonus hypocrisy: The left has been loudly yelling since Trump’s election that he is reminiscent of Hitler and that his administration is evil, oppressive, and tyrannical. Why, then, does the left support the federal government (and state and local governments) having all of the firepower and the individuals having none? Why is the left and their hero favorite Supreme Court Justice calling for the repeal of the 2nd amendment entirely?