After writing and publishing nine books about liberty, Alu has taken on some unique ventures related to writing. He has helped three other libertarians self-publish their own books, he’s translated his books into Spanish, and there are numerous other projects in the works. One of these projects simply involved compiling some of the best quotes about liberty, peace, and prosperity from the dawn of recorded time until 2024. 

This special personal diary includes 365 lined pages for writing anything you wish. Atop each page is a unique quote that is sure to inspire the reader to maximize human freedom as much as they possibly can. Some of the quotes will make you laugh, and some will challenge your personal philosophy. This journal makes the perfect gift for the conservative, libertarian, anarchist — or even the statist in your life! If you were scrambling to find the perfect Extortion Day present for someone special before Monday, April 15th, your search ends here. 

Double up the fun by purchasing Taxation Is Theft along with the journal! Alu dropped the price from $20 to $17.76 just for theft season, so the price returns to normal after April 15th. It’s available in paperback, Kindle, and audiobook formats. 

Stay tuned for some more creative projects that Alu is working on 😉

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