The Conservatarian Exchange Podcast #214

Daniel reported from UK on their recent elections; Nigel Farage will not be totally insignificant, although in the minority in parliament; Daniel also reported and opined on the French elections and how they rigged their election against Le Pen’s party; Project 2025 and Trump’s purported distancing from it; is the left pulling an Alinsky against Biden? How the media did such a quick 100% turnaround on Biden’s mental acuity; Would publicizing the Hur audio cause Biden to withdraw? How much will abortion affect pro-Trump voters? Discussion on gun rights; Lazer chimed in to discuss Ukraine/Russia; discussion on military personnel operating out of hospitals and if that makes the hospitals a legitimate target; (we apologize for the interruption caused by a windows popup);

The Conservatarian Exchange Podcast #213

Joe Biden demonstrated throughout the debate that he is not mentally fit to be president; will the Dems replace him? When? How? The crew discusses the Trump immunity case decided by the SCOTUS. To what extent should presidents be immune from criminal prosecution for their official acts? The crew discusses the SCOTUS reversing “Chevron deference,” stripping massive powers from unaccountable federal agencies. Should social media companies be responsible for the content on their platforms if they are going to curate content?

The Conservatarian Exchange Podcast #212

Missouri v Biden, Murthy case re: free speech, horribly decided by SCOTUS; the doctrine of “standing”; should court rulings affect only specific cases or be sweeping for anyone affected even indirectly or subject to such in the future; how absolutely should the 2nd amendment be read? Should we have a right to social media publishing anything we want to share? Assange’s release—did his leaks endanger the lives of soldiers? Does SCOTUS horse-trade on cases? Tomorrow night’s debate between Trump and Biden;

The Conservatarian Exchange Podcast #211

The weather (extreme heat in some places and snow in others) and climate change; pending SCOTUS cases including Biden v Missouri re: censorship by social media, Trump’s immunity, Chevron case re: interpretation of statutes by the rule makers in the administrative state/non-delegation issue, the decision on mifepristone, which was decided on issues of standing; why does SCOTUS wait until the end of the term to release decisions? Should we rule out lawfare against truly crooked politicians? Alito suggesting congress could write a bump stock ban into the law; should the government have the power to ban masks? Should citizens have the right to protest anonymously? Will there ever be comeuppance against Fauci? Pfizer? How to circumvent the immunity given Pfizer?

The Conservatarian Exchange Podcast #210

Is the Israeli military/government being reckless or are they doing what it takes to rescue hostages and prosecute the war in Gaza? The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the scamdemic shots are not legally “vaccines” – but how did the California-based federal court get so non-leftist? How did Trump get conservative judges confirmed, especially on the left coast? Mike explains how the NJ legislature screws the people and encourages young children to identify as LGBT. Meagan tells of her experiences with the many people who seek to de-transition after regretting their decision.

The Conservatarian Exchange Podcast #209

The Trump conviction; so many due process and constitutional issues were involved; would federal courts touch the case before State appeals are exhausted? The panel agrees that Trump will likely be taken to jail at sentencing on 7/11 or alternately sentencing may be postponed; should Trump go home to Florida and dare them to take him back to NY? What are the odds of getting SCOTUS to intervene early in the process? Will Biden be replaced? Could American “stumble” into a war? The Fauci hearings and his admitting to so many lies.

The Conservatarian Exchange Podcast #208

The Trump trial; Biden’s pier problems in Israel; is our military incompetent? How much was it destroyed by Obama/Biden? If Iran could build a bomb, can they deliver it? The libertarian convention; why do republicans want federal law to ban abortion (at any point in pregnancy)? Can republicans run against the national debt? Could anyone win the presidency on reducing entitlements or even any of the national debt? The panel had positive comments about Trump not pandering in either the Bronx rally or at the libertarian convention; new portrait of King Charles; baseball integrating stats from other leagues into their official stats.

The Conservatarian Exchange Podcast #207

Today’s show topics included: Death of Raisi et al—does it change everything for anybody? Should the UN and US have mourned his loss? Does the ICC issuing arrest warrants for Bibi Netanyahu mean anything or show anything more about who the left is? Should Trump campaign on leaving the UN? Is anyone bold enough to really buck the establishment (as the founders did)? The statement of the KC Chief’s kicker—the backlash and support he gained; UK’s upcoming elections, which are likely to pull the UK further left; is Britain totally servile to Islam? Is their labor party dependent on the Muslim vote? SCOTUS saving CFPB; Ed M. refuses to dignify the Trump trial with serious legal comments as it is a B.S. trial.

The Conservatarian Exchange Podcast #206

Even some liberals are opining that Trump’s prosecutions are politically motivated; Biden agrees to 2 debates, with some conditions; is RFK’s campaign being taken less seriously because of his VP selection? NY appeals court turned down the appeal on the gag order against Trump in NYC. Is the media also suing? Washington Post demands people take showers; can America turn around like Argentina did? Are enough people questioning the value of “elite” colleges? Almost 10% of NJ residents are illegal aliens?