This political thriller is marketed as fiction, but it comes disturbingly close to a real-life story. Blaine Pardoe essentially imagines what the united states would look like if the progressives took over total control of the federal government and aggressively implemented their agenda within a few short years. I think that things will actually look extremely close to how this dystopian future novel portrays them – unless we do something radical to change the course of history.

The book begins with a coup – a real insurrection – unlike the manufactured false flag protest on January 6th. The radical left violently overthrows the White House and takes over control of Congress, the Pentagon, and other major institutions. Many political leaders are on the side of the communists, and the others are killed, crushed, or flipped using threats. This scene is a pretty good one. It is also very realistic, because roughly 100% of leaders in Washington DC currently are authoritarian leftists to some extent, so such a coup would not be hard to imagine. 

Throughout the book, the main characters each face their own challenges surviving in a socialist republic with nearly zero freedom or privacy. As they try to develop a plan to remove the tyrants from office, they are repeatedly set back by the sociopathic politicians and their enforcers. 

I recommend this book to anyone who may be interested in learning what society would look like if socialists implemented their desired agenda without any restrictions. It was interesting enough to keep me from wanting to put it down. It was a pretty easy read, and I completed it in just a few sittings.

Where I differ from the author is in the solution. Pardoe seems to believe that those who believe in freedom can save the united states from ever-increasing socialism. The Blueprint For Liberty could be considered a rebuttal or a complimentary book to Blue Dawn. It agrees with the premise that the radical left – which largely controls the united states – would destroy the society that we have come to know, but its solution is less optimistic. It explains why the union can’t be saved, what must be done, and how it may manifest over the coming years. I have heard that Blue Dawn will have a sequel, and I am looking forward to reading it as soon as it comes out.