Over the past year, many women have raised concerns about their menstrual cycles undergoing changes after receiving the COVID vaccines. Many women reported much longer than normal periods, much heavier bleeding, abnormally early and late periods, returns of periods after menopause, early menopause, and early menarche. With over one million adverse events reported to VAERS in relation to the COVID vaccines, it is now associated with more adverse events and more deaths than all previous vaccines combined. Studies estimate that VAERS (the reporting system operated by the federal government’s CDC) undercounts adverse events by a factor of 100x. The system currently reports that over 20,000 women in the united states have had menstrual bleeding disorders develop after receiving the COVID vaccine. Over 3,500 women have reported miscarriages associated with the COVID vaccine. 

From early on, the elites in the government, media, and pharma/hospitals have viciously attacked anyone who mentioned the possibility of any reproductive issues in association with the new vaccines. According to the corona-fascists and billionaire pharma executives, anyone who questions this gift from God must be destroyed. At best, they were labeled “crazy conspiracy theorists”. Fact-Checkers on social media corrected them with disclaimers on their posts and then banned them altogether. Doctors – including my own family doctor – said that it was crazy to claim that the vaccines were anything other than perfectly safe. I personally heard from many female friends that their periods have had dramatic changes since getting the vaccine. I am always skeptical of all sides of any argument, but I knew that there was a decent chance this was true, because I trust my friends, and this was happening far too often for it to be coincidental. 

As I struggled to live in the pro-freedom and logical world while working in the medical world which has been overtaken by corona-fascism, I continually saw doctors with high levels of authority ‘debunking’ all of the crazy myths, conspiracies, and concerns that the perfect vaccines could affect fertility or periods. National Public Radio published stories making fun of the ‘crazy lies’ that idiotic Trump-supporting conservatives were spewing: 

“With the help of the internet research firm Graphika, NPR analyzed the rise of one persistent set of lies about COVID-19 vaccines: that they can affect female fertility. Despite a mountain of scientific evidence showing the vaccines are safe and effective, the false information persists.”

Let me be clear: The elites who run NPR, all other legacy media publications, and the elites in politics and their cronies are pure evil. They are not misled or mistaken or good people. They are evil people who are knowingly harming millions of innocent people for their own benefits, including massive amounts of money and power. 

This persisted for months. The liars were winning. There were likely thousands of such stories published about how we neanderthals are idiotic and harmful to society for not worshipping the COVID vaccines. 

And then, on January 6th, 2022, it all flipped. Again. Just like it did with the lab leak, masks, PCR tests, natural immunity, and the myocarditis side effect from the COVID vaccines that the media and elites ignored, denied, then admitted and downplayed. A few of the articles published by legacy media on that day included:

Yahoo: COVID-19 vaccines may increase length of menstrual cycle, new study finds

NPR: COVID vaccines may briefly change your menstrual cycle, but you should still get one

QZ: Covid-19 vaccines can cause small changes in menstrual cycles

Hilariously, the discredited opinion site ‘Snopes’ reported on January 6th that the shots have no effect on menstrual bleeding, although their own short blog post contradicted its own title. 

It is unclear just how severely the experimental vaccines affect fertility, but anyone who opened any medical textbook can tell you that the same systems involved in a menstrual cycle are involved in the creation of a baby. So, anything that affects periods is very likely to affect fertility, pregnancy, and quite possibly the long-term health of a baby. 

The corona-fascism elites are using the same playbook as they have used since the beginning of the scamdemic. When faced with accurate information that challenges their agenda, they deny, attack, deflect, admit, downplay, and then move on to the next item on their authoritarian agenda. 

*UPDATE: On January 10th, the Pfizer CEO totally flipped his stance and went from claiming that his vaccine was 100% effective to claiming that the two-dose vaccine offers “very limited protection, if any.”

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Dan McGuire · January 11, 2022 at 3:00 pm

I’ve heard multiple times that women who were pregnant or trying to become pregnant were deliberately not included in the original vaccine trials. If that’s true, then it is highly unethical or even illegal to give such women a vaccine, since safety is completely unknown. The worst evils are perpetrated by people who think they are doing good, because they have no reason to change.

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