Breaking: Javier Milei, the unapologetic anarcho-capitalist member of the legislature has won the election for President of Argentina. 

Pro-liberty individuals throughout the world are rejoicing at what may be their greatest victory of their lifetimes.

Milei won the election with 56% of the general election vote, more than any US President has attained in a general election since Reagan in 1984. And the Argentine turnout of 76% of voters is far higher than we have experienced in over a century. Biden allegedly won in 2020 with around 80 million votes out of 340 million Americans (less than a quarter of the humans). Milei’s 14 million votes amounts to almost a third of the humans in Argentina. His 56% is also the highest percentage for a presidential candidate in Argentina in the past 40 years.

As the 53-year-old economist walked up to the podium to speak to his supporters after the election was called, the massive crowd serenaded him with shouts of “¡LIBERTAD!” ¡LIBERTAD!” ¡LIBERTAD!” 

He spoke for a few minutes, giving heartfelt thanks to his many supporters and those who made the election possible. He said that “today marks the end of the Argentine decay.” 

Other legendary quotes from his victory speech include “Today is the end of the impoverisher that is the omnipresent state.” (it’s even better in Spanish! “Hoy se termina el modelo empobrecedor del estado omnipresente.”

The tremendous victory comes just 11 months after Argentina won the Soccer World Cup, marking the second nationwide celebration for the South American country in under a year.

Perhaps the biggest facilitator of Milei’s victors was the plummeting of the value of the nation’s currency due to terrible leadership by socialists.

Javier Milei quit soccer at the age of 18 to focus on economics after the hyperinflation crisis. He eventually earned two master’s degrees and taught economics as a professor for over twenty years. He has written more than fifty academic papers and published nine books. 

In 2021, he was elected to the Argentine Chamber of Deputies, the lower chamber of their legislature (comparable to the US House of Representatives). Over the years, his brilliant debates and speeches grew his fame, largely thanks to his bold libertarian ideology and his refusal to cave to political correctness.

Many believe that the long-time debate between libertarian pragmatists and libertarian anarchists in the united states is now over. Playing it safe has not helped Libertarians win, and a bold self-identified anarcho-capitalist just won the Presidency of a country with 46 million people. 

While the win is incredible for liberty, it is uncertain how much policy reform he could accomplish during his four-year term with few libertarians in the legislature. 

Predictably, the socialist left is losing their mind, which makes his victory all the more special. By Sunday night, #Argentina and #Milei were trending on X, with more than two million posts for each. 

We highly recommend that you read all of his books and watch his debates.

Milei was sworn in as the new President of Argentina on December 10th. He immediately signed an executive order, reducing the Argentine government from 21 ministries to 9, as reported by Visegrad24.

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