After a months-long pressure campaign from many pro-freedom groups, Biden and the radical left may have suffered a rare defeat. 

Fox News reported on Thursday morning that the White House is officially withdrawing the nomination of Dave Chipman, clearly fearing that he would not be confirmed by the Senate, despite anti-gun democrats holding a massive majority in the chamber. 

Chipman has been working for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, & Explosives for decades, and has been a proud opponent of gun rights for his whole career.

The anti-freedom activist famously posed on the rubble and ashes of the victims after the 1993 Waco massacre. Under President Bill Clinton, the US government burned down a building in Waco, Texas, killing many men, women, and children. They were all innocent and were not even charged or under suspicion of committing any violent crimes. One many had allegedly purchased weapons, and that was enough for the DC politicians and their killers to burn the structure down, without caring about the children inside.

Chipman has committed to restricting gun rights throughout the united states if confirmed by the US Senate. 

Ironically, his allegedly racist comments may have played a larger role in the tyrant’s diminishing support among the woke chamber than his history of killing innocent people and restricting the natural right to bear arms. 

While this would be good news and a rare win for liberty in the united states, the next ATF nominee would surely support a total anti-gun agenda, much like Chipman.