Immediately upon returning from summer recess, the organized criminals known as ‘Congressmen’ have proposed multiple ‘laws’ which would make it illegal to own buy, sell, and transfer certain types of property. In this specific case, the property being restricted is any magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds. This includes standard magazines for rifles and handguns.

House Resolution 1186 is sponsored by 156 congressmen, which comprises nearly half of the chamber. Other than the sponsors, the communist tyrants would only need 62 votes, assuming all 435 members of the US House were present and voting. Democrats alone comprise a majority, but many Republicans in the House would consider supporting the bill, as well.

If passed into law, the ironically named ‘Keep American Safe Act’ would make it a crime to transfer standard magazines in any manner, including sales, purchases, and gifts. The bill’s current language allows those who already own the apparently ‘unsafe’ magazines to keep them without being penalized. As we’ve witnessed many times in the past, though, an amendment to a bill that drastically alters the legislation could be shoved into the bill just a moment before it passes. Crazier amendments have been added to bills in the past. If this did occur, the US government might create a hundred million federal firearms felons overnight. Such an act might be the spark that sets off the powder keg. Additionally, the bill provides federal tax dollars to any state that ‘buys back’ high capacity magazines from its citizens. As usual, the organized criminals who authored the bill exempt organized criminals from the bill’s restrictions.

None of these 'unsafe' magazines have ever hurt anyone

Could HR 1186 pass the senate?

Democrats essentially have 47 Senators who ideologically support their policies (45 Democrats and 2 Independents) and around 50 of the 53 Republican members of the upper chamber also support anti-freedom bills to varying extents. Gun control bills in today’s times may be able to receive support from enough Republicans to guarantee their passage, especially if a mass shooting occurs somewhere in the US within a few days of the Senate floor vote. Republicans Susan Collins (F rating) and Lisa Murkowski (F rating) are generally considered to be Democrats ideologically, they just run as Republicans due to their home states of Maine and Alaska being majority Republican. Marco Rubio (D rating), Pat Toomey (D rating), Lindsey Graham (F rating), and David Perdue (D rating) also support at least some additional gun control laws. Senator Cornyn (F rating) won the ‘statist of the month’ award for being so anti-gun that he opposed national CCW reciprocity and supported expanded background checks.

47+7=54. That’s a pretty strong majority.

In case there is a filibuster, the anti-gun caucus of the Senate can easily overcome the 60-vote threshold if they are joined by any 6 of the other 24 Senate Republicans with F ratings from Conservative Review. Yes, Conservative Review grades half of the Senate Republicans with scores of ‘F’, indicating that they are less than 60% conservative. If you ask me, I’d say that all 100 Senators are totally anti-freedom, other than Rand Paul and Mike Lee, who may actually have some sort of desire to allow us to live free from total tyranny. In summary, this bill could easily pass the Senate, as well.

Would Trump sign HR1186 into law?

You may have noticed that Trump seems to have no principles of his own, and will often allow others to influence his decisions very much. Due to either being a tyrant or due to being misled by advisers and politicians, Trump illegally banned bump stocks without Congress even passing such a bill. Trump also indicated that he supports red flag laws and rejects due process. Trump also said that he ‘doesn’t like silencers’. Would you really be surprised if Trump signed a bill making the super scary ‘unsafe’ high capacity AR-15 magazine illegal? I would not be shocked at all.

Civil War or separation?

Assuming that this bill is amended to strike the ‘grandfather clause’ and then passed into law, civil unrest would likely ensue. Roughly 100 million Americans would become criminals overnight. This could lead to a full civil war, in which both sides would see casualties in the millions. Alternatively, the Divided States could separate from the increasingly polar centralized union and live how they choose to live. The pro-freedom states could live with zero restrictions on gun rights or any other freedoms, and the anti-freedom states could have all the gun control they could ever want. Why wouldn’t you support everyone’s right to ‘the pursuit of happiness’?