The mask mandate will not be renewed once it expires Friday night, according to Dictator Sununu. For the past year, innocent and healthy individuals in New Hampshire were compelled by law to cover their faces, indicating that they had no due process or freedom. Furthermore, Sununu made himself dictator of the state a year ago, shutting out the legislature from the lawmaking process. Finally, it appears that he may be giving a miniscule amount of liberty back to his subjects.

As we mentioned in prior articles, even with the massively inflated statistics, only a few people in New Hampshire died from COVID, and nearly all of them were over 80 years old. 

In the opinion of this writer, there should never have been any restrictions on our freedom, nor should Sununu have been allowed to rule over us as a dictator for the past year. 

Governor Sununu

Practically speaking, you can still expect the majority of towns and cities in New Hampshire to keep mask mandates in place going forward. You can also expect businesses to continue requiring the use of masks, because they still believe that mask mandates protect them from millions of dollars of liability issues. Because of politicians, business owners fear being sued by anyone who claims to have contracted COVID in their businesses, which is why they may continue requiring all employees and customers to wear masks in their businesses indefinitely. 

This policy and many others that have severely damaged our state should cause our dictator to be held accountable for his actions.