On Tuesday, New Hampshire Senate majority leader and hardcore leftist who previously worked as a lawyer announced that he will challenge Republican Governor, Chris Sununu next year. In his video announcement on Facebook, the former lawyer talks about integrity and hard work, and ‘family values’ appears to be a common theme throughout the campaign video. Standing next to his parents in many of the video’s clips, Feltes complains about his student loans, seemingly in an effort to relate to entitled Millenials who want to be let off the hook for loans they took out voluntarily. “I’m running for governor for the working families of New Hampshire…..for people like my parents and people I represented….the people who tried hard and worked hard and never asked for a damn thing.”, said Feltes in his video, backdropped by a montage of construction workers and happy families. “Everybody matters”, says the Democrat in the final moments of his campaign video. Does Dan Feltes really believe that, though?

Feltes took the Citizens Count survey. Based on his own responses to their general political questions and based on his record, here’s where Feltes stands:

-Opposes ‘Right To Work’/supports mandatory union dues in order to work

-Opposes school choice/vouchers

-Supports stricter gun control

-100% pro-abortion

-Supports using the government (men with guns) to force you to pay for others’ abortions

-Endorsed by Planned Parenthood

-Supports increasing the minimum wage

-Supports a tax on wages (income tax)

-Supports Obama-Care

-Supports decreasing work requirements for welfare recipients

-Supports Medicaid expansion

-Supports the 2019 budget with millions in new taxes and spending (12.5% tax increase)

According to Citizens Count, Feltes votes with the Democrats 97% of the time. So much for the shpiel about ‘bipartisanship’ in his announcement.

One of the most famous Feltes bills was HB628, which he sponsored last year. The bill created a new government program and agency, which was to be paid for by a totally new tax – a tax on wages. This tax was sold as only ‘0.5%’ and the Democrats called it a ‘premium’ instead of a ‘tax’, because it would technically fund a family medical leave insurance program run by the government. The tax could be considered an income tax or a payroll tax because it indicated that the tax would be withheld by each person’s employer – automatically exempting government employees from the tax. The bill failed in the Senate last year and was vetoed by Governor Sununu this year.

The New Hampshire GOP has launched a website for Feltes’ 2020 campaign, as well. Feltes2020.com was created in order to help New Hampshire ‘learn the facts’ about his agenda. The website discusses some of the disastrous, anti-freedom policies that Feltes has supported and features a few short videos like the one below explaining how much the socialist loves taxing and spending citizens’ money and generally controlling their lives.

Dan, you say that ‘everyone matters’. Do workers who just want to keep their whole paychecks matter? Do gun owners who don’t want the natural (and constitutional rights) infringed matter? Do pro-life granite staters matter? What about the people who simply want to live without any government involvement in their lives? What about those who want the freedom to negotiate with their bosses and employees without the government intervening? Do they matter? Or do people only matter if they support government-intervention policies like you do?

If your vision of New Hampshire is similar to the vision of this big-government, anti-freedom, anti-gun, pro-tax, anti-market, pro-abortion politician who loves using the phrase ‘working families’, you should support him next year. If you appreciate that Governor Sununu vetoed new tax increases, new spending increases, gun control, and many other anti-freedom bills, you should keep that in mind when voting next November.

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