By Michael Sennello
April 24th, 2020

Note: All content has been sourced anonymously and in strict confidence for this article.

The rumblings of civil disobedience are beginning in Connecticut. Sources part of a grassroots effort confirmed to the Liberty Block plans to coordinate the reopening of businesses on May 1st in defiance of COVID-related mandatory shutdowns.* 

A source leading the organization efforts – a paralegal who agreed to be quoted anonymously – told The Liberty Block: “I’m ready to lend my skills to helping organize a litigation front and a mutual support front.”

The source went on to explain reasons for concern: “People are hemorrhaging a lot of money out here. The shutdown has damaged critical food supply and medical supply chains. Many businesses are not going to survive to May 20th [the earliest date in which mandates begin to relax] and if that’s the case, they might as well open on the first.” 

The side of a Jeep at the April 20th rally in Hartford

Organizers of the protest claim CT Governor Ned Lamont’s executive actions have, in many cases, been illegally implemented. Organizers’ legal grievances include the suspension of FOIA requirements, unilateral modification of Medicare and Medicaid copayment requirements, the impairment of the obligation of contracts, the suspension of courts and criminal and juvenile cases, and the unilateral delay of criminal court proceedings without consent of the legislature.

Referring to CGS 28-9, the source argues, “You need a man-made event to institute the policies he’s instituting,” referring to more general complaints about Lamont’s executive actions. “He’s going to create a litigation Hellscape in the very near future.”

According to the source, the organization of a large legal action is in the works.

The movement, yet unnamed, is only in the very beginning stages, but organizers hope that the re-opening of Connecticut businesses will grow to a state-wide event.

Further demonstrations in Hartford are set for Monday, April 27th coinciding with – through another executive order – when masks become required outside of the home.

* Hyperlink is to the most recent executive action. Further action can be found here.