As of around 11 AM on Monday morning, the radical left officially lost a major battle against free speech. After weeks of being offline due to a vicious and coordinated attack by the radical left (AKA the masters of the universe), the free speech site, Parler is back online.

What happened? 

On January 12th, The Liberty Block reported that Parler was wiped off the face of the internet by the radical leftist oligarchs. Amazon Web Services operated the servers which hosted the growing social media alternative to Twitter. Being an ally of the leftist leaders who control DC and the world, Amazon wiped Parler’s servers, leaving the website blank for over 4 weeks. 

Before being removed from the internet by Amazon and other big tech players, Parler was the #1 most downloaded app on the PlayStore and it was one of the most popular websites in the united states. 

Evidently, Parler was able to find a non-leftist company to host their servers. However, the radical leftist titans still have a few ways they could censor Parler, Gab, Rumble, and other non-leftist websites. They could prevent their browsers from accessing the sites, they could stop supporting the apps on their app stores, and they could otherwise harm the growth and use of the sites. 

The evil authoritarian politicians and tech tyrants might even collude to hurt the ‘social credit score’ of anyone who uses apps and sites that are not on the leftist-approved list. That would be pretty crazy, wouldn’t it?

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BREAKING: Social Media Site Parler IS Back Online! – The Free Representative · February 15, 2021 at 6:27 pm

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