On Thursday evening, Governor Sununu announced via Facebook that he has vetoed Senate Bill 1.

The bill, titled ‘an act relative to family and medical leave’, would have implemented a 0.5% payroll/income tax in order to fund the new government program. The Governor does not seem to have an issue with family and medical leave, but he did seem to take issue with the ‘tax’ part of the bill. Pictured below is what the Governor wrote on the bill when he vetoed it:

“No Income Tax. Not Now! Not Ever!” was the Governor’s response when he was presented with the Democratic bill which passed the Senate and the House, both of which are controlled by the Democrats.

As The Liberty Block has mentioned in at least 10 articles, the Democratic FMLI plan would impose yet another tax on New Hampshire workers, and it would be a horrible plan. Read our first article discussing the tactics employed by HB 628, which was the same bill’s number last year. It passed the house and failed in the Senate in 2018.

Sununu worked with Governor Scott of Vermont over the past few months to create a voluntary program that people could opt into. The Democrats have harshly rejected it, though. They are not interested in Republican plans and they are very interested in creating a new tax. Though the tax would initially be 0.5% of income, they know how easy it is to increase a tax once it’s in place. The social security tax was initially only 1%, and it has quietly risen to 6.2%. Much like FMLI, Democrats claimed that it was necessary in order to help people care for themselves and their loved ones. Now, social security steals 12.4% of each person’s income (income+payroll tax), and other taxes steal 30-50% more of their money. It turns out that the best way to help people survive financially may simply be to stop taxing them into submission!