The greatest protest in Canada’s history is heading into its third week, and the tyrants in the government are getting “sick of it”, as the new Ottawa Police Chief recently said in a statement. 

In response to the increasingly severe vaccine mandates and other restrictions related to corona-fascism, truckers throughout Canada launched a totally peaceful protest in the form of driving their trucks from all over the nation to the capital city of Ottawa. 

Thousands of truckers and other pro-liberty Canadians gathered in the capital in order to send a peaceful but strong message to Dictator Trudeau and the other fascist communists in the government: They want all mandates repealed so that people could once again be free to live their lives as they please. Immediately, leftists in government and their cronies in the media began to disparage the pro-freedom truckers, many of which said that they had actually received the vaccine but opposed government mandates. Over the past few weeks, the media onslaught against the protesters – who have been 100% peaceful and even charitable and fun – has been as intense as almost any media campaign has ever been. 

The protest in Ottawa has caused crime to decrease, counter to what we witnessed when left-wing protesters took to the streets over the past few years. 

Because the truckers were not working and could not work if they weren’t vaccinated enough anyway, many of them would likely need financial help if they were to remain in the capital until the mandates were lifted. 

Many generous citizens from all over Canada, the united states, and the world began donating to the truckers to support their efforts. Within a few days, leftist crowd-funding platform ‘Go Fund Me’ froze around $10,000,000 in the trucker protest fund and announced that they would redirect that money to charities of their choice. By February 5th, massive pushback from donors, citizens, and Governor Desantis caused them to reverse that decision and announce that they will return that money to the donors.  

As reported by The Post Millennial: GoFundMe has taken down the Freedom Convoy fundraiser after significant pushback from those opposed to the protest. They stated that they “now have evidence from law enforcement that the previously peaceful demonstration has become an occupation, with police reports of violence and other unlawful activity.” 

Of course, anything tyrants oppose is technically ‘unlawful’. And the only violence that occurred at the protests was initiated by the tyrants and their violence enforcers (police). 

When the protesters and their supporters began to bring fuel to the truckers, police officers began arresting anyone holding a fuel can, as reported by MSN on February 8th. 

Anti-mandate citizens were happy to adjust their efforts when they found out about the somewhat pro-freedom Christian crowd-funding platform ‘Give Send Go’. Within one day, the new campaign raised over $1 million for the protesters. 

On February 10th, Global News reported that the Ontario government and their court decided to freeze over $9 million that the two pro-trucker ‘Give Send Go’ campaigns had raised by preventing the bank from dispersing the money to the protesters.  

By February 1st, someone had already created a campaign on Bitcoin crowd-sourcing platform ‘TallyCoin’. The effort has already raised over 21 Bitcoin, which is currently around $1 million. As opposed to traditional fundraising campaigns that are conducted in dollars via centralized government-run banking systems that contain multiple chokepoints that tyrants and their cronies can use if they want to stop the flow of money, crypto-currency transactions totally avoid going through government-controlled channels like banks or the federal reserve. (Of course, cryptocurrency supplanting the US dollar could totally end the US government’s power altogether by hastening their dollar’s collapse. Once the dollar became worthless, the politicians in DC would not be able to afford to pay those that keep the government and the military-industrial complex going. This would render the government inept.)

Over the past few weeks, the Canadian truckers and millions of pro-freedom individuals around the world have learned the lesson that libertarians and crypto-advocates have been screaming from the rooftops for the past decade: Crypto-currency is the solution to many of the largest problems created by tyrants, and may just liberate humanity from oppressive government altogether. 

“On February 16, five major Canadian banks went offline, preventing a number of customers from using e-Transfers, online banking, and mobile banking services.”, as reported by

But TallyCoin is still a centralized solution, meaning that it is not perfect. Crypto-currency is a peer-to-peer electronic money system. Unlike all other forms of sending money across distances, crypto does not go through the US government’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) system. With crypto, there is no middle man. Sending Bitcoin or Monero is just like giving cash to a friend in a private office. It is essentially impossible for a government to prevent it unless they literally kill you or hack into your specific device. Bitcoin and most other cryptos are decentralized and non-governmental, but not private. Their transactions can be seen by the public on the blockchain ledger, which documents every transaction to and from every BTC wallet. The money can’t be intercepted, but it can be traced. 

The most private cryptos seem to be Monero, PirateChain, and Zcash, though I am admittedly far from an expert on the matter. To my knowledge, it is not possible to trace transactions made in these currencies. The best wallet that you could easily download on your phone is called ‘Edge Wallet’, and it is thankfully still available on app stores. Edge is very simple to use, and functions much like Venmo. You could use QR codes or copy and paste wallet addresses to send and receive many different cryptos. Any adult could easily figure out how to use the app in around one minute. Before beginning to use it, write down your PIN, password, and private keys (a few random words or phrases that act like a super-password). For even more secure storage of cryptocurrency, you could use a ‘cold-storage wallet’. These devices act much like thumb drives and are not connected to the internet, making them impervious to hacks. They are programmed to store various crypto-currencies. 

In order to obtain crypto, you could trade some fiat or anything else with a friend in exchange for a crypto transaction from his wallet to yours. You could also buy various crypto’s directly from exchanges such as X Markets, Coinbase, or even the exchange built into the Edge Wallet.

On February 14th, Dictator Trudeau invoked the ‘Emergencies Act’ for the first time in Canada’s history, granting himself broad powers to violate personal liberties even more viciously than previously. It will also enable the government to make greater use of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the federal police agency. The Canadian tyrant believes that the protesters are terrorists and must be stopped by any force necessary; they were causing a public inconvenience and hurting local businesses due to the increased traffic. Of course, the Canadian government themselves would never shut down businesses. That would be horrible.

Canadian government thugs trample two peaceful protesters with their horses

On Friday, Canadian police brought in large numbers of officers and began arresting some of the organizers of the protest. At the same time, the Canadian government was increasing their financial crackdown, comparing donations to the peaceful protesters with ‘funding terrorists’ and promising to punish the protesters and anyone who supports them financially. They also vowed to lock any accounts at financial institutions of anyone involved in helping anti-mandate protests. Dictator Trudeau sent hundreds of his top gangsters on horseback and terrorists with AR-15s to viciously attack the peaceful protesters.

For in-person transactions, I recommend using goldbacks or silver ounces or bits. For distance transactions, I recommend using Monero via the Edge wallet. 

There is no better time than right now to ditch the violence-backed US dollar and begin using crypto-currency, gold, silver, or any other form of money you desire. 

UPDATE 2/19: #TrudeauDictatorshipMustGo is now trending on Twitter!

UPDATE 2/19: #TrudeauTyranny & #TrudeauForTreason are now trending on Twitter!

Update 2/19: #BlackFaceHitler is now trending on Twitter!