The Liberty Block designs and sells shirts and hoodies with pro-freedom phrases and images on them. The apparel is sold through our store on Teespring, one of the largest clothing design services in the united states. We have had no issues with them since we began working with the company in July. I actually found the products to be higher quality and more comfortable than I anticipated. On November 5th, 2021, Teespring sent the following email to The Liberty Block: 

“We are discontinuing certain products to ensure we can provide your fans with the best quality products and shopping experience possible. These changes will take effect today and some of your listings will be impacted. 

How does this impact your listings? 

Discontinued products will remain visible in your listings and store. Fans can see these products, but they will be ‘greyed out’ and cannot be added to shopping carts. You can remove discontinued products instantly by following the steps in this video.

How does this impact your launch experience?

You may notice some products or colors are no longer available in the launcher. 

According to our records, the following listings will be impacted once this change goes live today, on November 8th. You can visit the Listings section of your account, find these listings using the search tool, and remove discontinued products instantly (as shown in the video linked above):

inflation-the-ultimate-tax, thou-shalt-not-kill, COVID-deniers-have-all-died, proud-capitalist, print-guns-not-money, stop-banning-things, dictator-biden, I-believe-in-freedom-not-woke, politicians-are-useless, i-distrust-elections, dictator-not-governor, abolish-qualified-immunity, make-tyrants-afraid-again, gun-control, lets-go-brandon, come-and-take-it-computer, i-m-the-extremist, government-is-the-real-virus, let-s-ban-everything, WhyAmIAnCap, masks-don-t-work, the-us-dollar-is-stronger-than, politicians-burn-in-hell, unvaccinated-judenstar, voluntaryist-ask-me, we-support-calexit, make-america-states-again”

The site has cancelled 27 out of our shirts 28 in one instant. While some of the shirts do purposely offend tyrants, others simply have the text “proud capitalist” or “abolish qualified immunity” on them, with nothing else. Thus, we are led to believe that Teespring supports qualified immunity, opposes capitalism (making them just another hypocritical company run by leftists), trusts all elections, supports prohibition on alcohol and drugs, supports banning computers, supports the Judenstar, and opposes freedom. 

We extend our deepest apologies for the store being down. We are actively looking to partner with another T-shirt designer and/or manufacturer and already have a few leads. Stay tuned!

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Katherine · November 9, 2021 at 5:22 pm

The hypocrisy is astounding. I have to wonder if the courts would grant Liberty Block the same awards as a gay couple wanting to force a bakery to make their cake?

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