After spending years in both healthcare and politics, I have come to the realization that government shares many characteristics with cancer, and may even be far worse. Much like cancer, government seems to spontaneously form in various areas and takes many forms. Though there are many different types, there are no good types of cancer and it has been almost impossible to point to a type or level of government that remains benign or harmless either. Each form of cancer and government is disturbing and dangerous for its own reasons. Some do appear to be far worse than others, but nearly all of them will suck enough sustenance from you to eventually kill you – or at least ruin your quality of life. This is because neither could exist without stealing supply (cancer steals blood supply and government steals property and power) from their host organisms.

Cancer develops and spreads

Politicians have masterfully orchestrated a conspiracy over the past few centuries in the US that allowed them to take over the most influential foundations of American society. The federal government – which functions as an organized crime network – has taken over nearly 100% of education via programs like the Department of Education, ‘Common Core’, and federal grants to States. The federal government has taken over healthcare in massive ways and from many angles through Obamacare, Medicaid, Medicare, (CMS law) the Veterans Administration, and the like. The federal government controls much of the economy. The federal government controls the currency. The federal government heavily influences traditional media and it may control social media in the very near future. Like an aggressive cancer, the government spreads into every system and takes over the supply until it totally controls it…and then kills its host. In the case of government, personal freedom will be the victim.

Both cancer and government have been responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of people over the past 200 years. However, there is a massive distinction in the response by humanity to each threat. People continually work to decrease the morbidity and mortality of cancer, while the majority of people on Earth continue to grant more power to governments. Perhaps since the US government was created, politicians have based their campaigns on promises to grow the government and ‘help’ the supposedly impotent citizens more than their predecessors. This was glaringly evident a few weeks ago when a presidential frontrunner made the boldest of promises during a relatively laid back month for his campaign.

Biden to the rescue?

Ironically, the person who embodies the US government as much as perhaps anyone actively in politics – Joe Biden – has recently promised to cure cancer if elected president. Straying from his ’fly under the radar’ strategy that has allowed him to remain the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for president (as of this writing), Biden made the reckless guarantee on Tuesday, which predictably garnered massive media attention. Why would the former vice president – who has spent 50 years in politics – make such a stupid promise?

Some believe that the politician’s wherewithal is in decline, now that he’s approaching his mid-70s. He also may be convinced that American Democrats are pitifully naive and will fall for his campaign promise to cure cancer. Additionally, he may be trying to replicate Trump’s winning strategy — ‘no press is bad press’, right? Regardless, a President Biden would be unlikely to cure cancer and he is promising to increase the size of government.

As Biden and modern Democrats (and to a slightly lesser extent, Republicans ) have made very clear, they support policies that increase governmental control and decrease free-market influence of the economy, including the medical economy. Anyone who understands the communism vs. freedom debate understands that free markets encourage innovation and productivity, while cancerous communist governments only restrict economic success and innovation, especially in medicine. The government itself might engage in cancer research, but any human with a brain knows that governments are generally incapable of producing anything of value and are the least efficient entities in existence due to their lack of accountability. The best case scenario would likely involve billions of taxpayer dollars being ‘granted’ to corporations who engage in cancer research by a Biden administration. Which corporations would receive these grants? Those operated by Biden’s cronies, of course! (Hence the name ‘Crony-Capitalism’ that conveniently poisons the term ‘capitalism’, used most often to refer to a free-market economy)

Would these corporations cure cancer?

As long as the taxpayer money train was flowing into their accounts, these corporations would have no incentive to cure anything. In a parallel universe in which politicians and their corporate cronies were really benevolent angels who sincerely did want to cure cancer, could it be accomplished? Still, the outlook is bleak. There are over 100 different types of cancer, each of which are barely understood by scientists, and each present their own unique challenges. Curing one type of cancer would be a commendable accomplishment, no doubt. But it would fulfill less than 1% of this campaign promise by Biden.


The only chance humanity has at diminishing the negative effects of cancer – and government – on our lives is to embrace freedom. A purely free market would give scientists the best chance to cure cancer. Being allowed to study, manufacture, test, and sell the medications and equipment that they want, with the lure of profit – and with no intervention by the government – would save medical professionals billions of dollars, which could instead be used to fund more medical research and development. Embracing freedom would also save humanity from its most grave threat: the government. At its root, ‘government’ means nothing more than ‘justified violence’. As society takes responsibility and refuses to continue making excuses for government’s use of theft and violence to control us, we can free ourselves from the perpetual and increasingly intense abuses by politicians.