Over the past two days, at least two tremendously influential conservatives endorsed secession. After years of denial, it appears that conservatives are finally beginning to realize that the tremendous union cannot be ruled by an increasingly central power based in DC; it must be dissolved into many small parts before the tension (and pockets of violence) boil over and lead to all-out war or civil unrest. From the Antifa and BLM group annexing a part of Seattle to cops murdering people and then gleefully reenacting the incident, the ‘Divided States of America’ has at least a few factions that could never live together peacefully – and that is perfectly okay. 

On Thursday, Candace Owens published at least two Tweets that seemed to endorse secession or the splitting of various parts of the US. Owens is one of the directors of Turning Point USA, a college-based conservative non-profit. Being a well-spoken and bright black female, Owens has grown into a superstar in the conservative movement over the past few years, earning her 2.4 million Twitter followers and regular appearances on national television.

In addition to realizing the true fact that the tremendous union of 50 nations and 330 million people cannot continue to function properly, Owens demonstrates another important issue in the same tweet: She hates progressives. She is clearly condescending in her tone and she calls them ‘freaks’. And progressives hate conservatives. They call them ‘freaks’ – and much worse. At least one progressive attorney and author believes that if conservatives make abortion illegal, the left will rise up and start a violent civil war to kill conservatives. When two sides are killing each other, why stay together? If a husband and wife stab each other and run each other over with their cars, wouldn’t you recommend that they split up?

On the same day, Owens replied to 2 other Tweets with endorsements of splitting the US into at least two nations: 

Among the many other issues dividing Americans, many believe that statues of racist figures must be removed, and many believe in preserving the historical monuments. 

Many Americans want to completely criminalize gun ownership, while many others believe that we must repeal all gun laws and allow people to own and carry any weapons they wish. Many Americans believe that we ought to have higher taxes and more welfare. Many others believe that we must decrease or abolish taxation and welfare. We see similar polarity with healthcare, military spending and intervention, domestic surveillance, LGBT rights, economic regulation, abortion, and many other issues, How could such radically different groups live together under one set of laws? 

On Friday, Matt Walsh, a prominent conservative writer and political commentator totally endorsed a splitting of the union in an article. Walsh is one of the writers and video show hosts at DailyWire.com, one of the most popular sites on the right side of the political spectrum. 

“We are a people divided by gaps that cannot be closed. There is no bridge that can connect the Left to the Right. The differences are too deep, too wide. For unity to occur, one side or the other must simply abandon almost everything they believe and profess, and join the ranks of the other.”

Walsh also made a 45-minute video about the need to split the US before it’s too late:

More than two nations – as many as fifty?

While some casual observers of politics believe that there are only two sides and that a split between the two could solve every issue facing the US, the reality of our predicament is much more complex. 

There are an increasing number of authoritarian socialists and communists (progressives) in the US. The most famous among them are Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Cortez, and there are many more in Congress. These people generally believe that individuals should have little to no freedom and that the government should control every aspect of people’s lives. 

There are moderate progressives/Democrats, who believe that the government must be extremely strong and taxes must be high, but that governments should grant people certain liberties. 

There are centrists and independents of all types, who do not agree with either socialists or conservatives, or who agree with parts of both platforms. 

There are authoritarian conservatives, who believe in strong conservative values and believe that a strong government is necessary in order to make sure that everyone is conservative and that nobody engages in sinful behavior like drugs, sex, and other victimless crimes. 

There are ‘constitutional’ conservatives who believe in conservative values but want the government to do little more than protect people’s natural rights and provide for a few services like police, fire departments, military, and maybe public schools. 

There are various types of moderate conservatives, who are between the above two groups. 

And then there are libertarians, who believe that the government should do nothing other than protect people’s natural rights. Libertarians may believe that the government should not take any taxes by force or enforce any victimless crimes. 

There are infinite types of libertarians, as well. 

And then there are many forms of anarchists, including anarcho-capitalists, anarcho-communists, and Christian anarchists. In general, they do not consider any government legitimate and believe that politicians should have zero control over individuals. 

There are surely many other types of political ideologies. In fact, I’m sure that (other than perhaps some sets of identical twins) each of the 330,000,000 individuals in the union has their own ideology. At the very least, there are a dozen or so camps of people, each of which simply cannot peacefully coexist with the others. 

There are many factions in the US. Each state has its own culture. The founders intended for the states to remain sovereign and for the federal government to be extremely weak, only being involved in the US military and some interstate trade issues. A simple way to divide the US would be to simply shrink, weaken, or dissolve the federal government and allow each state to govern themselves. 

On the current hot topic, law enforcement powers and accountability, the nation is divided into at least four camps. Conservatives believe in various degrees of strong law enforcement powers, depending on the specific conservative you ask. Progressives tend to believe in weaker and more accountable police, and some believe in disarming police. They make their argument complicated, however, when they advocate for guns being taken from law abiding citizens and cops – leaving criminals as the only armed people in society. Libertarians tend to believe in weaker police, more accountability, strong gun rights, and the abolition of victimless crimes. Anarchists believe that the government should have no restrictions on freedoms and therefore nobody to restrict free people. 

Candace Owens, as a typical conservative, loves and adores police and supports them 100%. 

People like Owens believe that the police should have the authority to enforce all of the laws on the books (and there are likely billions of laws in the US). Progressives, libertarians, conservatives, and anarchists all seem to have polar opposite views on nearly every issue, somehow. On policing, crimes, drugs, justice, free speech, taxes, guns, elections, military, borders, welfare, healthcare, economics, wages, and so many other issues, there are extremely different beliefs throughout the US. 

In May of 2021, both Michael Malice and Kristin Tate agree that we need a ‘national divorce‘.

In October of 2021, Ben Shapiro said that “secession will happen!”

In November of 2021, Senator Ted Cruz said that if the federal government continues to grow more tyrannical, Texas should secede:

How could one nation survive when its people have near 100% disagreement on so many important issues which concern the most important aspects of their lives?