By Josh Moore for The Liberty Block

On Monday night, the Senate gathered together to pass a 900 billion dollar stimulus package. This “relief” package is the second stimulus that is expected to reach the pockets of the everyday taxpayer.

But is it really appropriate?

The 5,000-page relief package contains a whopping 900 billion dollars of your hard earned money and it will go to at least 8 other countries. Yes, you read that correctly- EIGHT other countries.

It’s ridiculous to begin with when the U.S. government tosses money out frivolously. But now our government is giving hundreds of billions to OTHER countries?!

The bill sends 1.3 billion dollars of US taxpayer money to Egypt for their military, and it sends millions to Cambodia, Sudan, Pakistan, and many other countries. It also spends tons of money on ridiculous items such as the reef in the Gulf Coast, creating a US-India Gandhi-King Development Foundation with an annual budget of $30,000,000, invasive species assessment, mitigation and reductions. Price tag: $130,000,000, $10 million for gender studies in Pakistan, and much more.

Here’s the deal: This is not the first time we’ve given money to other nations, but billions, especially during an economic crisis, is just outrageous. And to call the bill a COVID relief for Americans makes it all the more disgusting. The Congress is spitting in the face of America while we stand here with our jaws dropped, wondering what to do.

Since March, tens of thousands of businesses have been shut down and lost forever, all because a handful of dirty tyrants across America have decided to regulate and micromanage private business (the definition of communism). As a result, millions upon millions have lost their jobs and long-standing businesses have closed permanently.

At this point, the government is pressing a hot cigarette into America’s face, with a sinister whisper, “be grateful, you peasant.”

That reminds you of a few Hollywood movie scenes, doesn’t it? Yeah, this isn’t a movie. This is real life. The U.S. government is crushing prosperity and our livelihood.

Furthermore, $600 is allotted to select people, just like the Cares Act which dished out $1,200 per person. The difference between this package and the last is that it’s more strict as to whom it goes to. That’s right, you peasant. You’re lucky if you get $600. Keep in mind, you paid that in your taxes.

Considering that every dollar that the US government has must have first been stolen from Americans (via taxation), Trump signing this bill into law would effectively tax every citizen around $3,000 and give them back $600 in exchange. How is that fair?

The stench of corruption here makes your local dump smell like lavender.

In addition to all this garbage (yes, there’s more), the federal portion of unemployment has been slashed in half to $300. President Trump is threatening to veto this stimulus package. He’s asking for all the non-America related items to be removed and to increase the $600 check to $2,000.

massive pork in COVID bill

I’m not one to agree with any of this, at all. However, if the government is going to spend frivolously, we the people should at least get the majority of the benefit, even if the dollar is worth almost as much as toilet paper (that’s not a joke.) Of course, the US government could ‘stimulate’ the economy and help the working class taxpayers most effectively by not stealing their hard earned money in the first place.

My suggestion is this: If you happen to be lucky enough to receive $600 from your benevolent and almighty government, be sure to heed the advice of one of my favorite public figures, Austin Petersen and buy a gun with it.

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