On Monday, November 9th, pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and BioNTech announced the results of the phase 3 trial of their COVID-19 vaccine. The study included 43,538 patients. The vaccine was 90% effective at preventing infection of the virus, according to the study. No serious health effects from the vaccine were observed. In response to the optimistic results indicating that the world economy may soon begin its comeback, the US and world markets took off and hit all time highs.

As of this writing, the US presidential election is nowhere near over, despite election day being 7 days ago. Various states have not yet called the election due to massive amounts of mailed in and disputed ballots, in addition to many voting ‘irregularities’ (read: corruption). There will likely be many lawsuits which could run until the scheduled electoral college voting day of December 16th, or beyond. Currently, Biden may have the lead, and Democrats in politics and media have already begun to celebrate and refer to Biden as the ‘president-elect’. 

What is clear is that President Trump will remain in office at least until his first term is over on January 20th, much to the chagrin of progressive anti-Trump Democrats like Andrew Cuomo. 

In an interview Monday with the Yahoo News, the New York Governor discussed the new development in the battle to make a vaccine and save lives:

“The bad news is that it’s about 2 months before Joe Biden takes over. That means that this administration is going to be implementing a vaccine plan”, Cuomo said. 

Like many other Democrats, Cuomo is upset that Trump may get some credit or that Biden may not get full credit for distributing the COVID vaccine to all of the Americans who want it. 

Considering the ‘put health before politics’ rhetoric that Democrats have been chanting for the past year, this is quite the admission by Cuomo, who many thought would be the Democratic nominee for President. 

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