Chuck Schumer, a Democratic US Senator has proposed a bill that would make it easier for the government to kill you.

As citizens of the 50 unique states that comprise the US become more aware each day that we are on a fast track towards civil unrest, so do the politicians. The political left comprises roughly 50% of the 330 million individuals in the US, and they are collectively moving towards authoritarian socialist ideology. The other half of the US is comprised of people who support freedom; some want to preserve our freedom, while some have grown so infuriated with perpetual attacks by tyrants that they seek to dismantle the authoritarian regime that abuses them. If two married individuals want polar opposite lives, the best decision for both of them is to separate. If the US does not begin to separate into states – as was the original intention of the founders – the powder keg will continue to rumble until a spark sets off the bloodiest war in the history of ‘America’. The best case scenario involves at least half of all ‘Americans’ resenting their government and feeling like the federal laws violate their freedoms and destroy their way of life. If both sides could achieve happiness by governing themselves, why would we stop them?

During a recent shooting, a sociopath allegedly protected himself with body armor while killing innocent people. Instead of mourning, sending condolences, waiting for more information, or shutting up for once, miserable tyrants like Chuck Schumer (D-NY) immediately began to deliberate about the best way to take advantage of the tragedy to take more freedom from the peaceful citizens that he rules over with an iron fist. Hearing that the shooter allegedly equipped himself with body armor (as well as a semi-auto rifle, which they already proposed a bill to ban) the communist tyrant senator jumped up with excitement. “We can use this tragedy to finally pass a federal ban on body armor!”

Of course, evil politicians like Schumer know why they want to prohibit the public from accessing body armor. In the event that politicians want to round up and/or kill people, the biggest impediments would include semi-auto rifles and body armor. In fact, the founders wrote the 2nd amendment in order to guarantee one very important thing: That the people would always have equal or superior power to the government. Currently, the military has many weapons that are illegal for civilians to own. Now, Senator Schumer and the Democrats are seeking to add body armor to that list of items; a list that represents the antithesis of the 2nd amendment.

Free people throughout the 50 states currently enjoy the protection afforded to them by body armor plates. In fact, leftist policies like the ones in Chicago, NYC, Baltimore, St. Louis, New Orleans, LA, and many other Democratic-controlled cities have created the exact environment that demands that people wear body armor. Many EMTs in NYC wear body armor every day due to the massive amount of violent crime that exemplifies New York values. The Democrats claim that every child who goes to school worries about being shot by a radical conservative with an AR-15. If that were the case, shouldn’t Democrats encourage the proliferation of armor for citizens – at least until the millions of evil AR-15s can be arrested and disposed of? As usual, the bill would exempt government agents from the ban.

“We all know that many of these people who purchase body armor are up to no good.”, Schumer said about his proposed bill.

Clearly, we don’t ALL agree. Those who support freedom and oppose authoritarian communist fascism might declare that “ALL people support freedom”. Again, such a statement would be false. A more accurate statement would be “All politicians are up to no good”.

Schumer has pledged to propose a bill that forces the FBI to ban civilians from owning body armor as soon as the Senate returns from recess. I anticipate roughly 30 more Democrats joining him as co-sponsors. They all want to show off how anti-freedom they are, especially the Senators who are running for president. There are 31 sponsors in the Senate for the ‘Assault Weapons Ban of 2019’, which bans hundreds of semi-auto firearms, as well as magazines, and it includes many more infringements on freedom. Interestingly, the current bill ‘allows’ people to keep their semi-auto rifles, but look out for a last-second amendment to the bill before it passes which strikes the grandfather clause from the text. The current bill does prohibit anyone from transferring ‘assault weapons’ by any means, including via inheritance. The bill also seems to mandate that all ‘assault rifles’ be stored locked/in unusable condition unless it is being carried by a person. Again, a simple amendment to the bill could clarify that all grandfathered firearms be stored unloaded and locked in a safe. This would render the firearms useless for most applications.

I knew that this federal law was inevitable, which is why I bought plenty of armor months ago. If this bill does not pass this year, it’ll pass next year. The AWB will pass within a year or two, as well. Once these bills – and many more like them – do pass, everyone in ‘America’ will have some tough decisions to make. The simplest and most peaceful solution is amicable divorce. Will you pursue the non-violent separation or will you wait for the ultimate case of ‘domestic abuse’ in which the purpose of the 2nd amendment might be seen in action?

*****UPDATE 1/4/2021****

Three New York State legislators have proposed a bill making it a crime to possess any “body vest”. The bastards named David McDonough, Michael Montesano, and Richard Gottfried proposed AB352 so that the government can kill you more easily if they so choose.

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