Throughout the united states, governments and their cronies in ‘private’ companies alike are bribing citizens to get the COVID vaccine. The obvious question is: If the vaccines are safe and effective, wouldn’t people want them without being bribed?

On April 27th, NBC reported that the West Virginia dictator will begin bribing young people to get the COVID vaccine. Disregarding the negligible risk of the virus for young people, Jim Justice believes that every person between 16 and 35 should be bribed by taxpayers to get the experimental vaccination. The State will be giving each vaccine recipient a $100 savings bond for complying with the soft mandate. Unsurprisingly, the legislature was not involved in this decision. 

North Carolina dictator, Roy Cooper will be putting all vaccine recipients into a raffle for $1,000,000.

Washington State dictator, Jay Inslee, and the liquor and cannabis board are offering marijuana joints to those who get the vaccine.

Maryland Dictator, Larry Hogan will be giving $100 to any state employee who gets the vaccine. The city government of Detroit will pay people to convince others to get the jab. The New Jersey government teamed up with many bars to incentivize vaccinators with free beer. In partnership with the NYC and NY state governments, the Yankees have pledged to give free tickets to people who come to the stadium to get vaccinated. Krispy Kreme has been giving customers a free glazed donut if they show their vaccination cards. Adults who get vaccinated at a CVS located in Target stores will now receive a $5 coupon to the store. Is the government using taxpayer funds to subsidize these incentives? Who knows……we do know that the line between the government and massive corporations has been growing more blurry every day for a number of years.

Economists at the Brookings Institute believe that the government should bribe all people to get the vaccine, using taxpayer funds, of course. According to Robert Litan, the federal government should pay people to get the vaccine:

“Pay people $1000 to take the vaccine, but in two stages: an initial $200 for taking the shot (actually now after the second shot), and the $800 balance when herd immunity is achieved.[1] Assuming 75% of Americans take the vaccine, that means an up-front cost of about $50 billion, and then roughly another $200 billion only if the herd immunity target (discussed below) is achieved. The total price tag is a fraction of the $2 trillion-plus spent on the CARES Act and the added $900 billion relief package congressional negotiators are close to agreeing on at this writing.

The reason for holding out the $800 balance until herd immunity is achieved is to provide strong incentives for everyone to encourage—in real life and on social media— their friends, family, work colleagues, and members of their religious communities to get vaccinated. In social media terms, their taking the vaccine would “go viral,” spread and shared among their network of contacts, increasing the numbers vaccinated.”

Businesses that are in bed with politicians or who align with leftists are joining in on the ‘incentive’ strategy for vaccinating everyone in the united states. Among the many companies paying their employees to get vaccinated are Aldi, Amtrak, Chobani, Darden, Dollar General, Instacart, JBS USA and Pilgrim’s, Kroger, Lidl, McDonald’s, Target, Trader Joe’s, Publix, Olive Garden, and many others. 

A public (government) college in New Jersey is giving students $1,000 off of tuition to bribe them to get the vaccine.

Ironically, some of the biggest causes of ‘vaccine hesitancy’ are the actions by the most pro-vaccine politicians, including Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Kamala Harris. In addition to hundreds of other top politicians in DC, the most powerful people in the US continue to wear masks and observe ‘social distancing’ despite being fully vaccinated and despite only ever being around others who are fully vaccinated. If the vaccines have even a 70% efficacy (they generally claim to have a 95-100% efficacy) then Biden should certainly not be wearing a mask. When Americans see the most informed leaders wearing masks despite being vaccinated, the message that they are receiving is that either vaccines are worthless or the politicians are playing us for fools.

In response to the intense skepticism found in black communities towards the vaccine, the New York Presbyterian Hospital teamed up with some black rappers to produce one of the most pathetic videos of all time. The music video instructs black people to stop asking questions, to blindly trust the experts, and to take the vaccine as soon as it’s available to them. 

Upon learning about the ‘incentive’ programs being used by governments and their partners in the formerly private sector, one experienced health care provider commented that “Regardless of the efficacy and safety of the vaccines – which have not yet been fully determined – I must admit that simple bribery is disturbing, to be quite frank. Governments really should not be using taxpayer dollars or any other funds to bribe people to accept a particular medication or treatment. I can’t see how this ends well in the short or long term, for health or for liberty.”

Others have mentioned an interesting sentiment about the single most powerful pressure campaign in human history: 

“Imagine a vaccine so safe you have to be threatened to take it – for a disease so deadly you have to be tested to know you have it!“

The elites have spent who knows how much money and effort putting out multiple music videos to convince “Those retarded conservative neanderthals” that they should get the vaccine:

judging by the ratio of dislikes, the propaganda isn’t working too well

One Twitter user responded below this tweet: “I have a theory that they’re no longer trying to convince the unvaxxed. Instead they’re trying to reassure the vaxxed they made the right choice by dehumanizing the rest. When the shit starts to hit the fan, they can’t have the vaxxed second guessing themselves.”

The NH state government is using propaganda in advertisements for their liquor stores

Now that many children are suffering from clotting issues (heart attack, stroke, etc.), the demented elites are quickly scrambling to normalize deadly coagulopathies in children. As a medical provider, I can assure you that heart attacks and strokes are NOT normal or common in children. If your child has no significant medical history of MI, CVA, or coagulopathy, they have a near-zero chance of these things happening to them.

Finally, some good counter-propaganda!!