In 2014, a Staten Island man died after NYPD officers attempted to arrest him for the illegal sale of cigarettes. The entire liberal left immediately labeled it murder by police. The entire conservative right contended that death is an expected and perhaps even fitting outcome for resisting arrest. Luckily, this writer holds logic, principle, and truth in much higher regard than party lines or virtue-signaling.

Garner was approached by the NYPD on his final day because he was selling loose cigarettes without paying sales tax on them. He was certainly guilty of what’s considered a ‘crime‘ by our government. An interesting point to consider is that sales taxes were paid on his cigarettes when Garner bought them initially, assuming he did not steal them. The NYC government moved to arrest him because he did not give them a cut of his every profit.

Just 6 months prior to his death, newly appointed NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton and mayor Deblasio officially announced an initiative to crack down on the illegal sale of cigarettes. In law, I believe that this is referred to as ‘premeditation’ or ‘intent’.

choking Eric Garner

Regardless of whether the arrest was justified, most people agree that if you resist arrest, there is a large probability that you will be dead by the time the struggle is over. That being said, wouldn’t you resist arrest if it were for something that you thought was insane, like holding a phone while crossing a street or for using a gasoline-powered leaf blower??

Even the most calm and law-abiding people might resist arrest for ridiculous reasons like those. After your relative is killed by a new or poorly trained cop or by a cop who ‘thought he was reaching for a gun’, what would you do?

All you could do is sue the city or state, who would settle, and pay you with millions of dollars taken from taxpayers. We don’t need to make more laws and ban more things. So many things are already illegal or taxed. This is why I am a libertarian.

When these new bills and similar bills are signed into law by governor Cuomo, we will begin hearing many more stories that end like Eric Garner’s and Alton Sterling’s.

This is one of the important reasons that we should all work to remove all incumbents from office, especially socialists like Cuomo, Deblasio, and Avella.

Bottom line: If you keep voting for authoritarians, we will have thousands of cases of people dying for committing acts that will only become crimes next year.

Republicans: Stop blindly supporting police who carry out the violent, unnecessary, and tyrannical orders of the government!

Democrats: Stop voting for more authoritarian communist laws!

If you don’t believe that police should murder people based on socialist taxes and authoritarian laws, you are a libertarian. Welcome to the logical and compassionate side! Send us a message and we’ll get you involved!