On April 2nd, Bill O’Brien announced that he is suspending his campaign for US Senate. The former Speaker of the New Hampshire House, O’Brien is well respected in the conservative and libertarian community. As Speaker, he “…helped eliminate wasteful spending – more than $1 billion worth”, according to his website. O’Brien is a small government conservative who supports the right to life, gun rights, and economic freedom.

Currently, Jeanne Shaheen holds one of New Hampshire’s two US Senate seats. She boasts on her website about how she uses the federal government to steer the entire US towards a ‘green economy’, referring to fossil fuels as an “addiction”. Shaheen believes the the federal government should ban all magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds, and she considers modern rifles to be “weapons of war“. Overall, she seems like a typical modern Democrat – which is essentially an authoritarian socialist.

The Republican primary for US Senate featured three candidates, each of which appear to bring strong experience to the table. Don Bolduc is a decorated general who served in the US Army for 33 years. His campaign website endorses a free market economy, gun rights, and strong borders. Corky Messner is a lawyer and entrepreneur who played football at West point and then went on to serve as a Ranger in the Army. On his website, he flatly says that he will help Trump fight the socialists in DC. Bill O’Brien is a former speaker and is known as a tough yet fair conservative who supports a very small and accountable government. He has a proven record as a supporter of liberty.

image from BillObrien2020.com

Some supporters of O’Brien in New Hampshire were glad to hear that he will be remaining in the state instead of seeking office in DC. Many conservatives and libertarians believe that the United States government is too far gone and cannot be saved, even by a great Senator. They believe that New Hampshire is one of the few states that has a chance to remain free for generations to come. “If our grandchildren are to know freedom, they must live in New Hampshire. And if New Hampshire is to remain free, we will need all hands on deck”, The Liberty Block board members often remind people. Personally, I think that Bill would have been an excellent US Senator, which is why I am so glad to hear that he will be remaining in our great state and running for State office in the future.

In the letter, O’Brien endorsed Corky Messner for US Senate. Messner is a veteran, lawyer, and seems to be a tough, take-no-crap, self-made man. He appears to have enough resources to remain relatively independent of large donors and/or political powers. Considering how well Trump and the whole Republican Party will likely fair in November’s elections, Messner has a decent shot to unseat Shaheen.

The former Speaker ended the letter: “For all those who supported my campaign, I will forever be grateful and ask that you also get to know Corky. For New Hampshire Republicans, I ask that you please choose the candidate who can and should be our next U.S. Senator, Corky Messner.”