Dictator Sununu has signed a number of bills into law, some of which promote liberty and some of which diminish liberty. Below are the most important bills that are now New Hampshire law:

Good: Sponsored by 10 Republicans and 1 Democrat, HB1439 allows patients to designate a relative or caregiver to be present with them in the hospital while they receive care. Unfortunately, this bill also says that “a health care facility may establish visitation policies that limit or restrict visitation when:

(A)  The presence of visitors would be medically or therapeutically contraindicated in the best clinical judgment of health care professionals;

(B) The presence of visitors would interfere with the care of or rights of any patient;

(C) Visitors are engaging in disruptive, threatening, or violent behavior toward any staff member, patient, or another visitor; or

(D) Visitors are noncompliant with written hospital policy.”, which essentially nullified the whole bill. 

Bad: Sponsored by 14 Democrats and 8 Republicans, SB422 expands welfare in the form of state-federal health insurance by adding dental benefits to the program at the expense of taxpayers.

Good: Sponsored by 6 Republicans, HB1455 “prohibits state enforcement of any federal law, order, or rule that requires an individual, as a condition of employment or any other activity, to provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19 or to submit more than once per month to COVID-19 testing.”

Bad: Sponsored by 3 Democrats, HB1130 forces private business owners to allow people to use their bathrooms even if they are only for employees if the person mentions IBS or other bowel diseases. 

Good: Sponsored by 13 Republicans, HB1636 FINALLY repeals the last remaining gun law in New Hampshire (other than the prohibition from carrying inside of a courthouse. This bill makes it legal to carry a loaded gun while on an ATV or snowmobile, finally making New Hampshire a truly ‘permitless carry’ state! Now, any person who is not a felon can carry any gun in any way they want anywhere in New Hampshire other than in court! New Hampshire is the #1 state for gun rights!

Bad: Sununu vetoed HB1022, legislation that would have allowed pharmacies to dispense ivermectin via standing order, which would save lives.

Good: Sponsored by 8 Republicans, HB1097 clarifies that “the income from the employer-employee relationship such as wage income, salary income, or other employee compensation earned or received by residents of the state of New Hampshire for services entirely performed within the state of New Hampshire shall not be subject to personal income taxation in any other state.”

Good: Sponsored by 6 Republicans, HB1466 allows medical practitioners to prescribe medicines for reasons other than their indication and would prohibit the state from punishing pharmacists for filling such prescriptions.

Good: Sponsored by 8 Republicans, HB 1495 prohibits the state from forcing businesses to require vaccines or documentation related to vaccination or immunity status.

Good: Sponsored by one Republican, HB1280 prohibits the government from using a parent’s refusal to vaccinate a child as evidence in any proceeding to terminate parental rights. The new law literally says: “A parent’s decision not to have their child vaccinated shall not be used as evidence in any proceeding to terminate parental rights.”

Good: Sponsored by 5 Republicans, HB183 legalizes the operation of lemonade and similar drink stands by children under 14 years of age without a license. “Persons who are under the age of 14 who are selling soft drinks on family-owned or leased property shall be exempt from city, town, or village district licensing requirements.

Good: Sponsored by 5 Republicans, HB440 “prohibits the suspension of civil liberties during a state of emergency.”

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