On Thursday, July 30th, Herman Cain passed away. The conservative activist was 74 years old and had stage 4 cancer. In this day and age, nothing – not even the death of an influential political leader – is immune to political twisting from the radical left, though. Keep reading to discover how the anti-freedom leftists have capitalized on Cain’s death to further their agenda. 

Cain belonged to a Baptist church in Georgia since he was 10 years old. He would eventually become a minister at that church. He was a successful businessman, syndicated columnist, radio and TV host, and author of multiple books. In 1996, he was promoted to chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank. Cain’s history also included work as a mathematician for the US Dept. of the Navy and as the Vice President of the Pillsbury Company and the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza.

In 2012, he ran for the Republican nomination for president. An outspoken and passionate, yet practical conservative, his candidacy was well received. He ultimately lost the nomination to Governor Mitt Romney, partly due to sexual ‘misconduct’ allegations by the radical left (stop me if you’ve heard this one before). 

One of the brighter conservative activists, Cain recognized years ago that the GOP did not support liberty or limited government, and called for a third party (such as the Libertarian Party). 

After first being diagnosed with colon cancer in 2005, Cain underwent surgery and chemotherapy as part of his treatment. Eventually, the cancer progressed to stage 4 and began to metastasize, spreading to other areas of his body, including his liver. After the 14 year battle, the elderly political activist passed away at the age of 74. 

Immediately after discovering his death, radical leftists spun his death to fit their narrative – that COVID19 is the most dangerous event in the history of humanity. Neglecting to mention his old age, stressful life, and metastatic stage 4 cancer, leftist publications published articles titled ‘Cain dies of COVID19 after attending Trump rally without a mask’ and the like: 

Herman Cain Was All in for Trump—Until the Very End” – The Daily Beast

Herman Cain dies from coronavirus” – CNN

Herman Cain dies after battle with COVID-19” – USA Today

Former Presidential Candidate Dies of Coronavirus” – MSNBC

Hermain Cain Dies After Contracting Coronavirus” – People Magazine

Herman Cain dies after COVID-19 battle” – Courant

Herman Cain, former presidential candidate, dies from coronavirus” – CBS

Herman Cain Dies From Coronavirus at 74” – NewsMax

According to the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC), typical black 74 year old people have only a 12% chance of making it to their 75th birthday. This includes females, who live significantly longer than men. And this applies to average individuals, not those with stage 4 metastatic cancer. The odds were hugely against Cain surviving to his next birthday. According to the statistics, he should not have lived until 74. So, did COVID kill him or did he die from more reasonable and likely causes?

That his death is being considered ‘due to coronavirus’ illustrates a serious issue with the reporting of this virus. As doctors have mentioned, when other viruses are present in a person who dies from another cause, they do not even list the virus as a contributing factor in the death. Under normal circumstances, his pathologist (the doctor who determines the cause of death) would have listed “complications of stage 4 colon cancer with metastasis to liver” or something similar on the death certificate. We must ask ourselves why doctors and journalists have been pressured by the elites to list so many deaths as primarily COVID-caused.

Of course, his COVID test may also have been one of the millions of false positives or willfully inflated numbers, as well. If Cain did really have the coronavirus, it may have contributed to his death, though it would be difficult to ascertain whether it played a 1% role or a 99% role in his death. And now that the radical anti-liberty left has politicized everything, we may never know the truth. However, we must keep in mind that even when the virus plays zero role in a death, anyone who tests positive (or even has symptoms of the virus) and dies is considered to have died of the virus – even if they happened to have a deadly motorcycle accident preceding their death. 

Always look for the agenda being pushed. As the famous leftist mayor of Chicago, Rahm Imannuel, famously said of political tactics: “Never let a crisis go to waste!”