Mark Levin wrote ‘The Liberty Amendments’ in 2013. The conservative book outlines the convention of states and the type of amendments Mark Levin would like to see as the result of the convention. A COS is the lesser-known manner in which constitutional amendments can be proposed. As opposed to the traditional method of congress proposing amendments, a COS allows for the state legislatures themselves to call a convention for the same purpose if 34 of the 50 states pass a resolution declaring that they would like to call for the convention. After the amendments are proposed at the convention and agreed upon, they would need to be ratified by 38 states in order to become amendments to the US constitution. After initially being so excited about the COS idea that I signed up to volunteer for it, I now understand that there is no possibility that it could improve the constitution, and it is very likely that it would turn the constitution into something only ever seen in Chuck Schumer’s dreams. In fact, I’m going to prove it using only sources from, which is Mark Levin’s project.

At the time of this writing, the COS resolution has been approved by 12 states. They are all among the most conservative states. By virtue of them being conservative states and approving it first, it could safely be surmised that the next 22 states will be more difficult than these first 12 were. For argument’s sake, let’s pretend that even purple states approved the COS (which I would bet my entire net worth would not happen) and a convention was formally called. Without even mentioning what any entry-level political observer knows about the federal government statists being capable of infiltrating anything, we are going to explore what type of delegates would represent the 50 states at this convention in Levin’s best-case scenario. We are going to assume that each state would send the same type of representative that the state has chosen in its latest state-wide elections. We know that most states would send statists. CA would send a socialist authoritarian like Jerry Brown or Diane Feinstein, NY would send someone like Cuomo or Schumer, and so on. But who would the conservative states choose to represent them? 

Let’s take a look at Texas: While Texas did elect senator Cruz who has been a great advocate for liberty, they also elected John Cornyn, who was given an F rating for his Liberty Scorecard by Mr. COS himself. Since 2002, Texas has consistently voted that this man best represents them. Dictator Greg Abbott does not support freedom very much.

Many people consider Alaska to be the most conservative state in the US. They have no income tax and they don’t really have any gun laws. It may actually be the most conservative/free state. Surely, Alaskans would send strong liberty-minded conservative delegates to a COS. If you want to know who they would send to represent them, take a look at their 2 senators and 1 representative. You would find that Murkowski, Sullivan, and Young all receive an F rating on their Liberty Scorecard, which was graded by Mark Levin’s Alaska residents have been abused for the past year by extremely oppressive COVID restrictions. Children are forced to attend school with masks and must kneel on the floor like prisoners of war. Daniel Horowitz – ironically also a writer at Conservative Review/Blaze Media – has been raising awareness of the corona-fascism child abuse going on in Alaska for a while. Not only are children and adults being abused by the Alaska government, but they are being abused in the most tyrannical way. Republican Dictator Mike Dunleavy declared an emergency and began abusing children, and the impotent legislature did not even consider standing up to him and opposing the illegal, unjust, immoral, illogical, and unscientific restrictions. The best state legislators in Alaska are pathetic, weak, and authoritarian. In 2022, Alaska elected Democrat Mary Peltola to be their sole congressman in the US House.

Let’s return from that cold hard truth that we learned in Alaska, and let’s visit what is generally considered the warmest state and to many people, the most conservative state in the union. Arizona has the most gun freedom in the US according to most lists and they have very conservative voters. Would they send delegates to the convention that Mark Levin would support? If you visit Mark Levin’s magnum opus, you’ll find that both US senators from Arizona receive an F rating on their Liberty Scorecard. In fact, John McCain and Jeff Flake are 2 of the most hated republicans in the union by Mr. COS if you’ve listened to the Mark Levin show recently. 

Update: Both Senators from Arizona are now Democrats. Like the rest of their party members, Kelly and Sinema support total authoritarian socialism.

In Arizona, the statist politicians don’t have the guts to do anything, so they let the unelected and unaccountable ‘Department of Health’ do their dirty work for them: “To protect the health of our school communities, the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) today issued an emergency measure requiring district and charter schools to immediately mandate that masks are worn on school campuses, on school buses and during school-associated activities by all students, faculty, staff, contractors, and visitors.” It goes without saying that the legislators in Arizona – none of which have a backbone or any support for liberty – have done nothing to question the mask mandate. Surely, they would send a strong, principled, constitutionalist to a convention of states!

Wyoming has the smallest population of any state, and it’s filled with liberty-minded conservative voters who are very intelligent and very politically active from what I’ve seen when traveling around the cowboy state. There’s no way that they would elect anything less than a perfect libertarian conservative who scores A ratings and 100% on their Liberty Score.

I, too, was saddened to learn that the 2 US senators from Wyoming receive a D and F rating on their Liberty Scorecards. Governor Mead and their sole US representative, Liz Cheney are also less-than-consistent conservatives from what I’ve been told by conservative voters and elected officials from Wyoming. Dictator Mark Gordon declared that nearly every business must close, and the impotent weasels in the legislature did nothing about it. Looks like Wyoming won’t be sending any libertarian cowboys to the convention!

Unlike its neighbor, Utah is a different type of conservative. While much more religious, Utah is still home to some of the most conservative voters in the union. While senator Mike Lee has a 100% rating on his Liberty Scorecard, the senior senator, Orrin Hatch receives an F rating from Mark Levin. Most recently, the voters of Utah elected the notorious anti-liberty politician, Mitt Romney as their US Senator. Their 4 congressmen combine for an average rating of D. The pathetic Utah legislature allowed the ‘Department of Health‘ to issue massive edicts, violating everyone’s natural right to breathe, conduct commerce, and be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

South Carolina is another one of the most conservative states. Their US senators receive an A and an F rating from Mark Levin’s site. Their congressional delegation combines for an average rating of D. Dictator Henry McMaster has implemented hundreds of ’emergency mandates’ closing businesses and violating innocent people, and the impotent legislature does not seem to care.

Oklahoma was the only state in the entire union in which 100% of its counties went red in the November 8th presidential election. It’d be easy to have hope that Oklahoma votes for consistent conservatives to represent them. Unfortunately, the senators that the people of Oklahoma elected receive C & D ratings from Conservative Review. The congressional delegation combines for a D rating.

South Dakota is another low population and conservative state. I was discouraged to learn that both of their US senators, Rounds and Thune have F ratings on their Liberty Scorecards. Their sole representative also has a pathetic F rating.

Its conservative neighbor, North Dakota also chose 2 senators with F ratings to represent them in Washington. Their sole representative also has a pathetic F rating.

This proves that the absolute best delegates from Mark Levin’s dreams still do not have any chance of producing any libertarian amendments at a COS. Considering that 45-50 of the 50 delegates would surely be statists who support an omnipotent federal government, the chances that a communist authoritarian amendment would be passed are quite high. 

Ratification: Regardless of what was to take place at a COS, any good or bad amendment would need to be ratified by 38/50 states. Keeping in mind that almost every single governor, statehouse, and state senate are authoritarian in nature, do you think that a statist amendment is more likely to be ratified or that a libertarian amendment would be ratified? 

Courts: Even in the extremely unlikely case that amazing pro-liberty amendments were passed by the convention and ratified by 38 states, is there any reason to believe that anti-liberty judges would do anything different than what they’ve been doing for the past decade – blocking good laws from going into effect? Again, Mark Levin contradicted his own argument when he wrote an entire book about judicial tyranny, called ‘Men In Black’! There are many examples of federal judges stepping in to create laws or prevent laws from going into effect, regardless of such actions not being within their scope. Why wouldn’t one of the 870 federal judges block any good amendment that came from a convention of states?

I rest my case.

Where does this leave us? If a COS is hopeless, what should we do to fix this union and to stop its rapid descent into authoritarian communism? 

I have been saying for some time that the union is hopeless to ever return to the libertarian ideas of private property, limited government,  and individual rights that it was founded upon. Mark Levin does not agree with me, but after seeing how poorly he rates even the most conservative representatives, I cannot understand why he is still in denial and why he still thinks that the GOP has any hope of returning to the principles of our founders.

The only solution lies in state independence. Partially in response to Mark’s book, I have written ‘The Blueprint For Liberty‘, which clearly outlines the issues, the bad solutions, and the only viable solution to save freedom for the next generation.

This article does not necessarily reflect the opinions of The Liberty Block or any of its members. We welcome all forms of serious feedback and debate.