On October 20th, the three candidates for governor of Indiana made their case to the voters in a virtual online debate. Unlike the federal Commission on Presidential Debates, which refuses to allow Libertarians on the debate stage, regardless of whether they are on the ballot in all 50 states, the Indiana Debate Commission allowed the Libertarian nominee to participate in the debate. Considering that Libertarian Donald Rainwater, decisively defeated the incumbent Republican and the Democratic challenger in the debate, it’s no wonder why the elites refuse to allow Libertarians to debate their presidential candidates, even if it means moving the goalposts for debate inclusion criteria constantly. They simply can’t risk being exposed as authoritarians.

Much like many other elections, the Republican, Eric Holcomb, and the Democrat, Woody Myers figured that this campaign would be about who would endorse more government control and spending than the other. Going into the debate, both Holcomb and Myers prepared their answers; they would simply answer every question by boasting and promising increasing powers of government. From gun control to mask mandates and from welfare to education spending, the Republican and Democrat both said the same thing: We must enlarge government and take liberties away from citizens. And then Donald Rainwater showed up and threw a wrench in their performances. 

Rainwater made a very clear distinction between Libertarians and ‘Republicrats’. With nearly every answer, he politely, yet decisively set himself apart. The Libertarian businessman explained to the voters that he trusts citizens more than politicians. He didn’t beat around the bush either. He candidly proclaimed that he opposes mask mandates, red flag laws, and property taxes. Rainwater repeatedly answered questions by saying that the government has grown too powerful and that each citizen should make their own decisions and control their own lives.

In response to the clearly libertarian answers from Rainwater, Holcomb doubled down on his support for red flag laws, his opposition to constitutional carry, his strong mask mandate, and his massive spending on government-controlled education. Myers successfully pulled the Governor onto the progressive socialist side of the field, and then beat him due to homefield advantage. Rainwater proudly stood alone in his support for limited and accountable government, gun rights, property rights, and health freedom. 

In a survey conducted by Eyewitness News, 92% of respondents felt that Rainwater won the debate.

Below is the complete video of the debate from WFYI: