In 2019, Daniel Jupp published A Gift for Treason: The Cultural Marxist Assault on Western Civilization. The book provides a traditionalist’s reading of the nature of modern civilization and the Cultural Marxist threat it currently faces. It tackles the issues surrounding Western identity and culture, explaining the key historical movements and political principles that define Western identity. It combines discussions of our cultural debts to Ancient Greece, Rome, and Christianity with descriptions of the ideology that seeks to destroy this intellectual and cultural heritage. For anyone unsure of what we mean by Western Civilization, or what it is about the heritage of the West that is so important, this book offers a reminder of past greatness. To those concerned by radical contemporary political movements and their vicious hatred of the West, this book describes what we have to lose if we do not defend our inheritance.

The book is not the easiest read, as Jupp writes on a very high level for educated adult readers. A Gift For Treason has received some of the highest praise imaginable from brilliant political commentators, and its reviews speak for themselves.

“Being very involved in political issues and considering myself well-read and well-informed on contemporary issues, I found this book to be absolutely invaluable. It should be required reading for every American (and probably every European as well)! The author does a fantastic job of sharing history and philosophy in showing us how we got here and is spot-on in describing where we are at. Having the privilege of having come to know the author directly has confirmed that he has more knowledge and understanding than he could put in one book and I look forward to his future works.” – Steven Axelman

Our only complaint is that this substantial and important book is not yet available in audio format.

In 2023, Daniel became a regular co-host of our weekly podcast, ‘The Conservatarian Exchange’, which recently produced its 182nd consecutive show. As a rare British conservative and a brilliant historian with a doctorate in literature, Jupp brings a unique perspective and fiery debate to the show. 

In September 2023, Jupp published his second book via Post Hill Press, titled Gates of Hell: Why Bill Gates Is the Most Dangerous Man in the World. From the publisher’s description: 

The Gates of Hell is a damning critique of the unaccountable power and enormous influence of Bill Gates on global health, food, and science policies. In this powerful and hard-hitting analysis, Daniel Jupp examines the enormous personal power and political influence of one of the world’s richest men. The Gates of Hell covers everything from the childhood influences that shaped Bill Gates to the Microsoft years and his current incarnation as the most powerful philanthropist on the planet. Jupp traces just how vast and unaccountable the influence of Gates has become, including his leading role in current global health policies and the drive toward a net zero “Green Revolution,” which threatens the economic and social fabric of the entire western world.

Firmly asking the questions that mainstream commentators often avoid, Jupp supplies a damaging criticism not just of Gates himself but of the political corruption and inertia which has allowed one man to effectively direct key global policies adopted by multiple nations without any democratic accountability. From educational and health campaigns of dubious efficacy and unexamined risk to green policies that make little rational sense, Jupp shows how the public-private funding hybrid championed by The Gates Foundation allows a powerful billionaire to push health, agriculture, and science policies in directions which profit investors whilst harming others who have no say in any part of the process.

Now more than ever, following the COVID-19 pandemic, the consequences of lockdowns, mass mRNA vaccinations, and the advances of net zero policy, questioning why one man—who has never been elected to office—has such influence on these decisions is vital.”

Alu Axelman’s book, The Plague That Must Not Be Questioned: How politicians used a virus to eliminate privacy, enrich themselves, and put the final nail in liberty’s coffin published in 2021 and updated last year serves as an excellent companion to Daniel’s most recent book.

Daniel also writes in-depth political commentary on his Substack ‘Jupplandia’, where his hundreds of articles are enjoyed by his 700 paid subscribers. He has also been a contributor for The Spectator and Country Squire magazine

Daniel was one of four co-hosts on last week’s Liberty Block podcast with a doctorate degree, though all of our co-hosts are brilliant in their own right. 

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