Since mid-2020, The Liberty Block has produced a podcast each week. The show was originally hosted by Steven Axelman, Ed Mazlish, and Jodi Carroll. The name ‘EJS’ (the initials of the hosts) became the unofficial and eventually, the official name for the show, which has since grown in popularity, reputation, and in the number of hosts. Several months into the podcast series, Ed Powell and Mike Proto joined as guest hosts for nearly every show. In January of 2022, Jodi took a step back to focus on her family and Gina Walker joined as a regular co-host. Guests on the show have included Elliot “Alu” Axelman, Lazer Axelman, Marcus Ruiz Evans (Calexit), Daniel Miller (Texit), Mike Sylvia, Melissa Blasek (NH State Representatives) and many others. 

Each week, the group discusses the most important liberty-related news stories throughout the union and the world, including corona-fascism, law enforcement, secession, international affairs, taxation, gun rights, privacy, and much more. The hosts range in their orientations from conservative to anarchist, leading to passionate debates on a weekly basis. One of the aspects that makes this Liberty Block podcast unique is its welcoming of anyone who wishes to join the podcast to make a comment or ask a question. Each week, Steve posts the Zoom link and call-in number on social media before the show and commencing soon will be listing the topic they’ll be discussing, inviting any and all callers to call in and debate the hosts on any issue. We hope to initiate live streaming of the show on several platforms, details to follow. Steve promises civil and productive dialogue. 

In recognition of the change in hosts, the Liberty Block team has decided on a new name for the show: ‘The Conservatarian Exchange on The Liberty Block’, recognizing the spectrum of views of its hosts. You may see it abbreviated as ‘TCE on TLB’ in the future. We hope that you continue to enjoy the high-quality analysis, intense debate, and pro-liberty passion (interspersed with witty humor) that you’ve always heard on The Liberty Block’s shows. We are proud that our hosts are most often way ahead of the curve compared to other commentators and pundits, whether on corona-fascism, national divorce, or particularly penetrating analysis of the bigger picture. 

Once completed, each episode can be found on SoundCloud or any podcast app, YouTube, Facebook, Rumble, & Odysee.

Meet the hosts: 

Steven – As you may have guessed, he is the father of’s founder, Elliot “Alu” Axelman. Steve brings years of experience as a psychotherapist, Rabbi, and scholar.  He has been closely following politics since Reagan was in office and was a dittohead from around 1991 until 2016. He has lived for years in Israel and follows their politics and current events closely. Though he resides in NYC for the time being, Steve’s political efforts are most often centered around the Live Free or Die State of New Hampshire, and he is very involved in the state’s liberty/independence movement. Steve generally identifies as a libertarian, though he was raised and lived most of his life as a Reagan-conservative.

Ed M. – The show’s resident attorney brings decades of experience in business law and constitutional law. Ed is an admirer of Ayn Rand who leans toward the conservative side, and who regularly challenges the more libertarian and voluntaryist panelists of the show on the propriety of government action to preserve and protect liberty. Ed successfully fled NJ in 2021 and moved to North Carolina, where he enjoys much greater freedom and considers himself a refugee of the Soviet Sector of America.

Jodi – After retiring from a career as a nurse in a hospital’s cardiology unit, Jodi became an inventor, patenting the ‘Stay-put Coaster’ system. She currently resides in Illinois and generally identifies as a conservative and a reformed leftist. She is the proud mother of triplets who love learning about liberty.

Mike – This liberty conservative activist resides in NJ and is hoping to move to a more free place one day. His experience includes working in market research and working with Americans For Prosperity. He has gone viral, but we’ll let you find out for yourself why and how.

Ed P.– An admirer of many libertarian and conservative writers, Ed has a unique viewpoint of the intersection between modern libertarian and classical conservative thought. Ed earned a Ph.D. in astrophysics from Princeton University and is an independent consultant on technology issues and national security. He and his wife live in Northern Virginia with his two cats, Apollo and Orion, who occasionally appear with him on the video show. 

Gina – Gina worked for the border patrol on the union’s southern border before moving to North Carolina. She now works with her county GOP to restore freedom in her home state. She identifies as a conservative. After joining the show, the rest of the crew learned that she was a mega-viral international sensation a few years ago. Gina operates The Liberty Block’s NC operation along with Ed M.

Lazer (guest) – Whenever possible, The Liberty Block’s unofficial international correspondent joins the show from his current (ever-changing) home in eastern Ukraine to launch into an entertaining diatribe about the most recent (of endless) evidence that the government detests and abuses those it is sworn to serve, and to update listeners on the situation in eastern Europe. The adventurer has spent significant time in around 10 countries and dozens of American states over the past few years. Lazer has been a co-host and writer for since its inception in 2017. Lazer identifies as an anarchist and capitalist. He is a contractor and paramedic, and has worked in EMS since 2011.

Alu (guest) – The site’s founder and editor-in-chief joins the show occasionally. He is a voluntaryist and author of Corona-Fascism and The Blueprint For Liberty. He believes that secession is the most important issue facing us, and he also serves as the president of the Foundation for New Hampshire Independence. Alu often records his own NH-focused podcasts, some of which include interviews with local liberty activists and legislators. Alu is a paramedic and has worked in EMS since 2011.

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