Despite the data showing that children are at a negligible risk from COVID, the Nashua Board of Education decided at a meeting on Wednesday night to continue forcing children in government-operated schools to wear masks while in class. Some parents opposed their children being abused by the government agents, so the politicians called armed government agents and had the pro-freedom parents removed from the meeting. 

Statistically, children are more likely to die from choking or drowning or burning to death in a fire than they are from COVID, according to the CDC and the AAP. Still, politicians and other criminals who refer to themselves as members of the ‘government’ have been abusing children as well as adults since early 2020. The abuse has involved forcing them to wear masks, criminalizing social interaction and affection, shutting, reopening, and modifying school regimens, destroying the economy, and much more. 

On Wednesday, May 26th, the Nashua BoE held a meeting during which they would accept input from the public about the anti-science, anti-freedom child abuse policy. A few parents addressed the government agents in opposition of the mask policy, especially considering that New Hampshire has had zero pediatric deaths from COVID in its history. 

The criminals who justify their use of forceful education by claiming to be government officials truly seem convinced that COVID is still killing thousands of NH residents each day. They all wore masks for the duration of the meeting. The board’s resident doctor mentioned that the motion to allow for children to have the potential option to breathe once in a while without a mask was ‘concerning’ to him, implying that if a child removed their mask, everyone in the school would die immediately. 

After one board member made the motion, another member used a rare and cunning parliamentary procedure to kill her motion and force children to continue wearing masks while in class. The board member made a motion to ‘indefinitely postpone the motion’, and her motion passed before anyone knew what had happened, killing the motion that would have allowed children to breathe some fresh air.

After the children had been subjugated to indefinite masking by the board, one parent began to speak without technically being recognized by the chairman of the board. Within a second of the parent opening her mouth, the chairman of the board told her to leave or the police will be called to remove her by force and/or arrest her. The parent left voluntarily.

The organized criminals who control the education for the children called their armed thugs and had Alicia removed from the meeting by force. 

Predictably, the radical leftist sociopath on the board accused the concerned parent and the other concerned parents of being racists, among other horrible and ridiculous things.