Two more mass shootings have been blown up and politicized by the media and politicians, and a whole slew of anti-freedom legislation is already in the works. In addition to the assault weapons ban of 2019 and the ban on self-protection, red flag laws have been gaining popularity in DC more rapidly than ever before. The shootings accelerated the increasing support very significantly. Each day since the shootings, a few more ‘principled conservative superstars’ have been joining the progressives in their support for red flag laws. In addition to its massive public support throughout ‘America’, the Orwellian policy now has a very high level of support in Congress – and in the White House.

Immediately after the shootings in Texas and Ohio on August 3rd, Republicans throughout the Divided States jumped at the opportunity to impose gun control and other anti-freedom policies on the citizens who might give them a pass due to the recent tragedies – which happened to involve firearms, according to reports. As reported by this Texas NBC affiliate just 4 days after the shootings, John Cornyn and Mitch McConnell (The Senate Leader) enthusiastically threw their support behind red flag laws. Republican Texas governor, Greg Abbot recommended looking into red flag laws. Even the author of Texas’ ‘constitutional carry’ bill supports red flag laws. Of course, the article also mentions the Trump has voiced his support for the Orwellian law multiple times over the past two years.

Also referred to as ‘Extreme Risk Protection Orders’, red flag laws take a page out of Orwell’s novel ‘1984’ and criminalize actions that could only be described as ‘pre-crimes’. If someone is reported by a neighbor, coworker, relative, cop, or another person (depending on the specific bill’s language), police would immediately raid their house and confiscate all of their weapons. Some time later, the person could hire a lawyer and go to court in order to prove to a judge that they are a perfect person who is such a good, peaceful, citizen that the police should be compelled by the judge to return their weapons. This is nearly an impossible task for the average citizen. Tyranny is punishing someone and stripping them of their rights without even charging them with a crime. Surely, such fascist law enforcement should be reserved for Nazis and the KGB…..not American law enforcement. Speaking of law enforcement, the fact that ‘SWATing’ is a well-known term due to how often it occurs should raise the ultimate red flag about this proposed policy. The most intelligent, elite, super-cops (generally referred to as SWAT) are so easily manipulated by young children who call in false reports of violent or crazy individuals who own guns – and then raid their home and take their guns and/or kill them, that it has become a common and disturbing problem throughout the ‘Divided States’. Furthermore, Red flag laws egregiously violate the 1st, 4th, and 2nd amendments. Americans will be punished before even having any opportunity to defend themselves, plead their case to a jury, or hire a lawyer. Of course, such a law would be the antithesis to due process, which was supposed to be protected by the 4th and 5th amendments to the US Constitution – not that the Constitution could physically restrain the government – it is literally just paper, after all!

Over the past week and a half, it seems that every one of the most hardcore, principled, conservatives in media and politics have signaled their support for red flag laws – or at least said that they should be considered. Joining the 47 Senate Democrats, McConnell, and Cornyn in supporting red flag laws, Ted Cruz, Lindsey Graham, Marco Rubio, and many other Republicans have voiced their support for such a policy. Government officials from Kentucky, perhaps the most conservative, pro-freedom state in the US (they abolished the requirement for concealed carry permits a few months ago) have voiced their support for this gun confiscation policy. Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear is pushing for red flag laws. Earlier today, Yahoo News reported that Senator Rand Paul (the single most pro-freedom member of the Senate) said: “I’m not opposed to sort of an emergency order for 48 hours and then you get a hearing in a court where you get the full due-process protections.”

Many in Congress have also been working on a bill to incentivize states with grants to adopt red flag laws. As they often do, tyrants are utilizing a multi-faceted approach to pass this horrible policy throughout the US. HR 5717 is actually a bipartisan bill.

Ohio Governor, Mike Dewine, supports red flag laws. John Thune, the Republican Senator from one of the most conservative states (and the Assistant Senate Leader) is supporting red flag laws. Republican Congressman, Mike Turner, supports federal red flag laws, as well as other prohibitions on firearms and magazines. Conservative rockstar and former Congressional leader, Trey Gowdy hinted at supporting red flag laws in an interview when he said: “I am willing to subrogate any of my rights to avoid another Sandy Hook”. Republican Florida Congressman, Francis Rooney seems to be totally on board, as well:” Some freedoms are going to have to be given up.” Perhaps no House Republican has been more disappointing in their support for red flag laws than the rising conservative superstar and wounded combat veteran, Dan Crenshaw of Texas. He has been quite vocal online about his support for red flag laws. He received intense pushback from his supporters who considered him to be a ‘liberty conservative’. He then made another video condemning his pro-freedom supporters and doubling down on his support for the gun confiscation law.

Republican Governors of Vermont and Florida, Phil Scott and Rick Scott both recently pushed red flag laws and other gun control measures through their legislatures and then signed them into law. Rick Scott was (and still is) considered an incredibly principled conservative, and he is currently in the US Senate representing Florida. Vermont was always among the safest states in the US and also never had any gun laws until its Republican governor proposed, pushed, and passed red flag laws, magazine restrictions, and other gun-control measures last year. Indiana – one of the most conservative states in the US and one of the only states controlled (by super-majorities in their House and Senate) entirely by Republicans – passed a red flag law in 2018. As far as I can tell, no Republicans in Congress have voiced opposition to red flag laws other than Thomas Massie. Did you really think that Republican politicians supported gun rights or any other type of freedom? Ha!

Ben Shapiro, arguably the most articulate ambassador for conservative policies Tweeted that red flag laws are “a good idea”. David French, a US Army combat veteran and a prominent conservative journalist (who also happens to be from Kentucky) lauded President Trump for supporting red flag laws in an op-ed. Many other conservatives in the media have signaled their support for gun confiscation.

Crenshaw - a conservative Congressman proudly working on gun control with Bloomberg's MDA
Superstar conservative Congressman standing with Bloomberg’s gun control group activists, ‘Moms Demand Action’. They are working together to pass gun control laws in DC.

We already know that roughly 99.9% of the left supports red flag laws and there are surely many more on the right who support the Orwellian policy than those listed above. In the coming weeks – especially if any individual uses a firearm in a crime – look out for more conservatives to jump ship and join the Democrats, either in an effort to gain ‘bipartisan popularity’ (which never works as planned) or because they sincerely believe that such a policy would benefit society. At the end of the day, those of us who understand politics, history, strategy, and human nature know exactly why politicians are pushing these gun-confiscation laws: They want us to be defenseless, dependent on government, easy to round up, and easy to kill if politicians should find the need to do so.

Update: Vice President Mike Pence is now passionately pleading with Congress to pass gun confiscation laws/red flag laws.

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