After much anticipation, Goldback has finally released the New Hampshire set of gold money for sale. This is also the first time that sound money supporters could see the beautiful designs of the new series. Over the past two years, Goldback produced the set for Utah and Nevada, each with specific artwork dedicated to each state’s history. 

As we explained in a recent article and in our interview with the founder and CEO, goldbacks are flexible bills which are self-backed by gold. This means that they literally have a specific amount of gold within them, giving them inherent value. As the dollar loses value, goldbacks will grow in comparative value. The tiny denominations also allow them to be spent on everyday items. The ‘one’ goldback bill is worth 1/1000 of an ounce of gold. As of this writing, that is around $1.70, though the goldback sells for and is valued at closer to $3.50 at the moment. 

Newly released set of NH goldbacks

In a few more years, I predict that each goldback may be worth more than $20, though it won’t necessarily mean that you could buy 10 gallons of milk with each goldback; the price of milk will have increased to around $20 along with inflation. But owning gold could save you from the theft of inflation.

The New Hampshire goldbacks are unique and gorgeous, and the 10 features a lady sitting on a cannon, while the 25 includes the famous state motto of “LIVE FREE OR DIE”.

Our amazing partner, Defy The Grid is already shipping the New Hampshire goldbacks within 24 hours of the order being placed. They are also selling them for the same best-in-the-industry low price that they sell the Utah and Nevada goldbacks for. However, they cannot guarantee that their inventory will last forever. Pick some up while you can! I already ordered a bunch!

P.S. Defy The Grid seems to indicate that Wyoming will be the next state with a dedicated goldback!

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